Why I Like YouTube!

There was a time when people don’t have the internet of things or the big tech companies. Digital was not there to support loneliness. Some old men refer to those ages as golden times. Because nowadays people are going social. They are forgetting the real world, real friends.

And they are getting distressed. Wondering in the realms of the internet, seeing the beautiful graphics, they are forgetting the real world, the beauty of nature. I support this way of thinking. There are many disadvantages. People misuse instead of using. Actually, they are not using but being used. By their smartphone, by AI by the big tech giants. They are being manipulated. 

However, I also think that the tech revolution helped us to learn new things at a way faster pace. I mean in a century ago it is way more difficult to get knowledge. You would have books, read and learn from them. You would go to guru and learn a new skill, gain new knowledge.

But in this age of technology, things have changed a lot. We become more exposed to new possibilities. There are lots of options to gain knowledge, to acquire new skills. You can learn from the best in the world in the comfort of your home. 

This privilege has created a new problem. The problem of having a plethora of opportunities. As result human mind gets confused. Although this is a small price to pay. To pay for our freedom. Now we are not dependent on our school to create our future. To make us educated, truly educated. 

Now let me share my story. From childhood, I liked to learn new things but was confused about what to do. I live in a village and the opportunities are limited. However my dream of learning something different, I didn’t know what at that time, but something that nobody was doing. I was inspired by Robert Frost poetry the road not taken

Although it will be a lie if I say that I didn’t have any goal. Actually, I wanted to do something with writing. But was very confused at that time. Becoming an author was my dream but unrealized. However, after getting older it got cleared. 

Do you know what helped me to realize this? It is one of the best social media, that I can suggest to you. It is YouTube. I cannot say how much it helped me to become what I am. In the older ages, books are the friend of man. Nowadays they got a good competition; YouTube. 

There are things that I didn’t know. My understanding of the world and how things work increased a lot after I learned how to swim in the sea of knowledge available on YouTube. Although it will be limiting to call it mere social media. It is not a social media but a university, a universe of knowledge. 

Although it depends on how you use this tool of the millennium, one of the greatest things the internet offered. As YouTube is free, and everybody and almost anyone can upload content there, that’s why there is a fuss. There are misinformation and things that maybe not be at all self-improving. 

But youtube constantly try to do its best to give the best experience to the user, with its cutting edge technology. It develops an algorithm to provide the best to the viewers. However, maybe it is impossible for even an algorithm to detect misinformation all the time. And as it works as a democracy, the biggest flaw of democracy is present here. The biggest flaw and the biggest power, everybody has freedom of speech. 

Although I am not saying that giving freedom is something bad. Actually, freedom creates creativity. And it is one of the most important things every creature of this planet craves. 

But freedom has its demerits. YouTube cannot always censor what it thinks is morally incorrect. 

And as youtube follows the democracy model, that’s why you may sometimes see content that does not deserve the place it is in. See it may seem a bit harsh, but the truth is the world is filled with mindless people. And you are one of them. I am one of them. 

When you see a picture of a beautiful lady in the thumbnail and ugly looking middle-aged female professor with lots of experience in another thumbnail explaining the same concept. Most people will click the first video. And youtube will think that the first video has more value than the second one. No matter if the opposite is true. 

Yes, the algorithm doesn’t work this simply like what I have explained. If the first video doesn’t get enough watch time, Youtube may downrank it. But if it has okayish content, and people are watching it for some time, complementing the girl, liking the video then maybe it can get an advantage over the second one

No matter if the second one has way more value. 

But if some professional analyze all the videos and then rank on the basis of value it is providing, what do you think which method is better? 

However, it is not possible. And we have to depend on algorithms that depend on normal people to rank videos in the search results. And most people work on whims not on logical thinking, when clicking on a video. 

That’s why there are other dedicated sites for courses that still exists. Where things are a bit more professional. And you get a certificate, which watching youtube videos you don’t get.

However, YouTube may have thousands of disadvantages, but the truth does not change that it made me what I am right now. It helped thousands of people like me, who want to get knowledge. People who used this video streaming site for good purposes improved themselves, grew new skills and become better people. 

That’s why I will say YouTube is one of the biggest boons of the twenty-first century.

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