Six Morning Habits For Students (Change Your Life)

Six Morning Habits For Students (Change Your Life)
Six Morning Habits For Students

In this blog post, I am going to tell you six morning habits for students. You have to be disciplined to excel in life and this is the stage everybody should care about. 

Because when you are in this stage, there are many things happening. Like you are becoming a man from a boy, there are many hormonal changes that are taking place. Maybe you find your first love. 

Although we never graduate from learning. We are students forever, a pupil of experience pupil of nature. However, I am talking about the conventional timeline, which is normally five to twenty-two years. As we are knowing the world from the eyes of a kid to the eyes of a man/woman, things become very complicated.

It is a very difficult and important stage of life. 

Actually, the whole life can change depending on the decisions you took as a student when you’re mind may not mature enough to make those decisions. 

So it is important to take control of yourself and try to gather knowledge, about life, in accordance with the things you learn in school. 

In this blog post though, I am not here to give you a lecture about what students are and why this time is important. I said all this information to give you a hint, that you should become wise enough to tackle difficult times, to make good decisions.

Here I will share one of the most crucial habits every student should adopt, I will share six morning habits for students. 

So let’s dive in,

Wake Up Early!

The first-morning habit for every student is waking up early. It is one of the most important things to do. Many can argue that “why morning when I can study all night!” I don’t want to get into the argument of night owl vs early riser. But can explain what I’ve experienced. 

When I wake up early the whole environment is calm and serene. There is a calmness in that serenity. After the first sunlight touch earth, all the animal wakes up. The birds sing with the top of their voice the song of sunlight. Although that sound is not like cacophony, it is euphonious. 

Sorry if I become a bit too poetic, but the morning has a different experience. You are all charged up, and the environment is also quiet, which is best for studying. That’s why I will suggest you wake up in the morning. Preferably between five to six am. Because after that the world becoming active again, and you may not experience the same environment. 


The second tip that I can give you is to read and this is one of the most crucial morning habits for students. Although not only reading but you can do anything that seems difficult to you. Because upon waking up you are cleared from almost all the tensions, all the depression, all the pressure from the previous day. 

And in the morning a student and every other human being more active capable of doing a difficult task. 

If you decided to read, then I will suggest choosing a subject which you think is a bit hard. Like for example math. And I said math because most of the students things it as the enemy. As the number taker. But when you practice the same subject in the morning, not in the evening, you will see that all the difficult equations are a bit easier. 

Although to experience that you need practice, not for only one day but for every day. 


I cannot stretch enough how important this morning habit for students is! Although not only for students, it can prove to be beneficial for everybody. Meditation helps you to clear your mind and free yourself from stress and depression.

And you don’t need to go to some ashram or join a yoga class for that. Although going there might be more beneficial, as there will be an expert who is physically present there to guide you to different steps of meditation. However, now there are many apps that can do the same things to quite an extent. 

There are many free and freemium apps available on both Google Play Store and Apple Appstore. Two of them is Insight Timer, and 100% free.

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Have A Healthy Meal 

You can study if there is noise around you, by putting a headphones. But how can you study when your belly is screaming out of pain, or you feel heartburn. 

That’s why having a healthy meal is a morning habit for students not to neglect. Don’t put those junk foods in your stomach. It is not only unhealthy but also make you destress all day long. 

What meal should you take, maybe oats, eggs, fruits or what we Bengalis often eat, that we call “muri”.  You can eat anything, but the condition is it is not something that is very rich, or that can harm the body, distract the mind. 

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Take A Shower

When you have a shower, it will help you to calm your mind, relax your body and feel cool. Some people prefer taking it in the evening. Especially in Japan. However, I would suggest you do it in the morning, or preferably in both of the times!

I know why some people love their evening showers, as it helps them to sleep and it also clear all the dirt they have aquirued throughout the day. But morning shower can get you over from that sleep and make you fully awake revitalize your energy! So taking it both in the morning and evening is a better choice I will say. 

Do Exercise

This is another morning habit for students that they should adopt. Many may have this misconception that doing exercise can make you energyless throughout the day. But I would say that is not the case. Because I personally experience it. 

Maybe for the first few days, you may feel energyless. But after some practice, when you become used to this new thing. You will feel more energy throughout the day. 

Don’t believe me? Check it yourself. 

But the most important thing that you have to take in mind, is not to give up in the first crucial days. Because it will be the hardest days to overcome. 

Now you may ask which type of exercise you should do. Maybe running, cycling or playing football, or maybe swimming. You can also do some freehand exercises under the guidance of a professional. 

So this was the list, I hope you like it and find something new to learn. If you really did, then don’t forget to share this article, about Top six morning habits for students, with your friends and family. 

Thank You.

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