Productivity Magic: One Mantra That Will Make You Productive

Productivity Magic: One Mantra That Will Make You Productive
Productivity tip that will work like magic

How can we increase our productivity and work potency? A question asked by millions and solved by thousands by giving ten or twenty tips and tricks. But in this article, I’m not sharing those ten or twenty methods but give you a tried and tested mantra. 

If you follow this mantra, then there is no need for anything else. Other tips will serve as tools that may help to increase the mantra’s efficacy. And this is not too hard to follow if you use the kaizen method. 

What is kaizen? It is a broad topic, and I will discuss that maybe in some other article. But for the sake of this blog post, let’s summarise it as the small incremental steps about continual improvement. 

Why am I Sharing Productivity Advice?

After giving a small intro, let’s try to understand that why I should be the one to share this advice. I was (and still am) a lazy person. But throughout the years, my productivity has been increasing a lot in some specific fields. 

It was a tedious process for me to record a video for my YouTube channel, but now I’m consistent. It used to be a headache for me to wake up in the morning, but now I’m waking up. I didn’t know how to cook and hated it, but now I can cook and occasionally enjoy cooking. Now I love exercising and caring about my health. 

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Increase Your Comfort Zone

Change is the rule of the world, and you can change yourself with little effort by using the brain. However, you have to increase your comfort zone. (I love this concept about expanding the comfort zone but not leaving it. I first saw it in a brilliant book called Do It Today by Darius Foroux). 

I noticed in my behaviour that when I work – I like to work and hate rest. However, when the ghost of laziness came to me, everything becomes mundane except rest. So I discovered that it is about the comfort zone. If you tell a hardworking person to sit on a couch and see a TV program, he will get frustrated. If you tell a lazy person to do the dishes, he will hate the job. 

If the lazy person starts to build the habit of work, he will soon become a hardworking person. The same is also true for the hardworking person. It’s all about time, perseverance and using tiny but continual improvement.

Kaizen For Productivity

How tiny? 

As tiny as organizing one pen a day on your desk. But it is necessary to remember that we need improvement and doesn’t stick with just one but to increase the number of things on weekly or monthly basis. Increase the amount slowly, maybe a week’s or month’s interval.

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Things That Don’t Interest Me

There are things that I have the zeal to do as I developed that zeal. Yet, some things still don’t interest me, or I do procrastinate. For them, I need to increase my comfort zone using this method. 

However, always remember that productivity has to do with quality work, not unimportant chores. Choose your tasks wisely. 

If you don’t need to cook, then don’t and outsource it. There are thousands of things that need your attention, and you cannot give it to all of them. So it is necessary to think about what is essential for your overall growth and focus on those only. I’m not abstaining from you from cooking, it is an enjoyable thing to do, neither I have any hard feelings about chefs. 

But if cooking is not your primary goal, then pursue it as a hobby and do it once in a while. Now there may be some of you who have an inner voice yelling, “You don’t know my situation, I’m a mother/hosteler, and I cannot escape it.” 

Then don’t. The above was an example. If anything is not that important for your survival or related to your primary goal, mark it as unimportant or a habit. 

Doing What Is Essential Is Necessary To Increase Productivity

If you are doing something that is not contributing towards your goal or growth, then that is for entertainment.

If you are a housewife and your family members are dependent on you, if it is almost impossible to hire a maid, then cook, as it is for your survival. But doing so, you also have to build pillars of success. 

First, you have to discover what you want to do, what you like. Identifying that now try to build a rough plan, and don’t stick to it, be dynamic. Then, invest in knowledge, and try to become wiser about your interest. Now, implement what you’ve learned in your wished direction. 

Although, if you want growth then only taking small steps will not help you, continuation can make a big change. You may heard the phrase ‘slow and steady wins the race.’ Improve everyday by 0.1% and have discipline in what you are doing. You will soon see tremendous result and the magic of compounding.

You may face some difficulties, failures, but have perseverance and never give up. Arjun Like focus is one of the essential things to achieve your biggest dreams. That’s how you can become successful even after a thousand challenges. That’s how you can become productive by taking a small step towards work. 

Now you may be wondering, what is the mantra? It is, ” Increasing the comfort zone by taking planned, small incremental steps towards work is the key to become productive.”

Key Takeaways

  • Identify what is necessary for your growth and helping you to achieve the goal.
  • Increase your comfort zone.
  • Use small steps to build a habit of work
  • Avoid things that you can outsource.
  • Choose your work smartly and work hard.
  • Take small incremental steps, improve 0.1% per day, and see the magic of compounding
  • Taste success

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