Job Vs Business – Which Should You Do?

Job Vs Business – Which Should You Do?


In countries like India, the parents prefer engineering or doctor as the best pursuit for their child. But their offspring failed to show a good performance in his academic life, or if they are financially week, then the last resort for them is a government job. Indian parents thinking are designed like this that they can’t go further from a job. 

In this blog post, I will talk about both aspects of the job and the business. I will give you some key advantages and disadvantages of both work choice. 

I divided this article into five parts. In the first and second one, I will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of a job. 

In the third and fourth part, I will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of a business. And in the fifth part, I will give you my opinion. 

But please remember, all things are not works in the same way, and there could be some points that may not match with some jobs or businesses. 

So now let’s try to understand which is better,

Benefits of a Job  

More Secure

Why do Parents like to make their children government servant? The simple answer is because it is more secure. There are responsibilities of employees, but sometimes things went out of our hands.

If that happens and the company somehow become bankrupt, then most of the cases the effect will be not that severe to skilled employees. That’s why it is safe to work for someone then for yourself, because whatever happens to the organization you will not become directly affected, and if you are a government servant, then that becomes more certain. 

If you are not directly responsible for what happened to the organization you are working, then you can always resign.

And that’s taking me to the second point,

More Flexible

Jobs are more flexible. I mean you cannot overnight decide that you will shut down your company or business if you are not feeling doing it. But with jobs, you can leave it pretty quickly. (I am talking in general.)

If something is troubling you, if you are not comfortable with the working environment or if you feel the work is not for you, then there is always an option to resign. And like I said in the first point, it will not directly affect you if the business gets hurt. 

You Will Work In A Schedule 

When you are doing a job, you know your work schedule. There are 8 hours to work after that you can go home. In a week you also have two weekends to enjoy life. So there is very little space for work-related uncertainty. Everything goes on a schedule.

Though I’ll not deny that office worker sometimes get extra work, and they don’t have to do extra hours of shift, but that is different from business-related uncertainty. 

When you are doing a job, you have an option to deny doing the task. But an organization head or the businessman can’t refuse to fulfil the sudden requirement.

If that affects the business or organization, then they have to complete the task, because it will hurt them directly. 

Employment needs less responsibility. 

Job Provides A Steady Income 

Doing a job will make you assured that you will get a decided amount of money every month to your bank account for your service. To increase that amount, you have to work hard and prove that you are eligible for a promotion. 

After getting a promotion that decided amount will increase. After getting the first promotion, you have to work hard again to get the second promotion. It goes on until you retire or resign the job.

So you don’t have to think about the fluctuations in revenue every month, because every month your salary will be the same until getting the promotion or joining some better job with a higher payout. (Or something big happens to the company)

Disadvantages Of Jobs

You Are Not Independent

When you are a government or corporate servant, you are not independent. Even you are the boss there is a boss above you, so you always have to answer them. 

You can’t take holidays, or leaves whenever you like. There are restrictions, and as you are a replaceable worker, you have to follow those restrictions. 

It’s unlikely that one day an employee wants to sell the business and he can sell it. You have to explain your decisions before implementing.

And if your boss thinks that you are incapable of the job, then he can kick you out.

Its Not Your Company

You can work hard as you can, and may become the reason for the success of the company, but reality will be the same, it is not your company! When a person is doing a job, he is working for somebody else. 

As employees are replaceable, if the employer finds someone better than you, they can expel you from the job, even if you are the reason for the company’s success.

Yes, one can get promotion and salary hikes for contributing to the organization. But that too is temporary, because any moment the boss can cut the salary for mistakes or stop the promotion if the person is no more contributing to the company. The promotion is also dependent on the boss. 

Though Government Jobs in India, it is not that extreme. But for the corporate world, these examples might be valid. 

Everything is changing rapidly and who can say our Indian Government may strict the rules in future, and the government servants may face the same issues. 

Job Hunting Can Be A Tedious Task

In India, it is difficult to get a government job, maybe because there is a lot of competition. Not only that, but you also can’t get a private job that easily. To work for any government or private institution, you first have to qualify with their criteria only after that they will appoint you. 

A candidate must prepare himself for the tests and then compete with a massive crowd. We blame governments for not providing employment. Where it is true that they have some serious responsibilities, but we also have to acknowledge that it is also a difficult task to employ our populous youth. 

And there are also other factors that make the process of getting a job, challenging. 

One of the primary downsides is our education system. We have to make betterments to our old system and upgrade it to modern standards. 

The world is changing at a furious pace, and we also have to acquire skills to thrive in society. You can take some course online and learn new talents. Here in this article, I shared a list of Top 10 Educational Websites In India. 

After Retirement

You can become rich, but not super-rich! Doing a job can’t make you rich. Yes if you want to become a CEO or something then it’s possible, I mean Sundar Pichai the CEO of Google he earns in millions. 

But for the masses, it is not the truth. They retire with the money they can afford a great car and maybe a big home, but not a skyscraper-like Antilia or a supercar like Porsche. 

I am not saying every billionaire want these luxury things though, but doing a job also doesn’t allow you to donate billions of dollars in charity! Maybe you can take a world tour with your money, but not a trip to the Moon! 

Advantages Of A Business


A business gives you independence; there is nobody to order you are the boss! You can do whatever you like, and whatever possible to do with your wealth, with your power. But yes, I am not suggesting that you can do immoral things, because there is an invisible force that will make you struggle even if you escape from the hands of the law, and that struggle will be psychological.

Financial independence is wondrous, and doing business gives you that opportunity to become financially free. 

You can gift the poor a silver spoon if you like. There will be nobody to order you. There will be little stress about earning money, and you can do other things, to make your life great. Learn the skills that you want to learn, gather wisdome, become wise. 

You can travel the world to buy lands, take risks, gift your wife your children and your parents a better life.

There will be no more the obstacle called money that will bound you to do a thing that you never liked to do. 

But doing a nine to five job will not make you financially free, it will just bind you in a vicious circle, and you will live your life for others.

I am not saying that business will make you financially free overnight, but with the right mindset and a never giving attitude, it is possible.

Earn As You Can 

Business doesn’t limit your earning potential. You will not receive a fixed salary every month, but increase your income at a tremendous level. All depend on your and your organization’s capabilities on how much a month can give you.

So there is no barriers and a ground for improvements. Though there is a chance of loss, there is a chance of gain. I said in the previous point that a business makes you free and that freedom is the USP and the main reason why people choose this comparatively risky option. 

You can become a billionaire like Mukesh Ambani or run a sustain small shop. All depend on you how much risk you want to take, how much dare you have, to do something out of the box. 

Business is not about getting rich; it’s about giving you more options and freedom from money. 

It’s Your Achievement

That feeling of achieving something gets double when it is yours. Business is like a good dream when you see it grows. Here is an analogy; owning a business is like raising your child, and doing a job is like babysitting. 

And it is a good feeling when you see that your business is helping others, your achievements inspire others. 

I am not saying that in other fields you can’t feel this sense of joy, but just telling you that, when you own a company or an organization, this is possible to enjoy the feeling of giving. 

Wealth is a powerful commodity which you can use for building society or destroying it. 

When you achieve something big in your life, when you accumulate wealth, and the knowledge of giving, that knowledge will give you a sense of being alive. 

A job can offer you wealth but for most of the cases enough for yourself, not for others. A job can make your owner rich, not you. The company you are building is not yours if you don’t have a share.

You Can Choose Who To Work With 

 In the beginning, this privilege will be a lot to expect as then you don’t have a lot of resources. But after growing your business, you’ll get the power to choose whom you want to work. It applies both for client and employee. 

If a client is troubling you, then you have the power to say them no and reject their proposal. But yes this power relies on the user. If someone has a different opinion, then you can refuse him, but if that person is providing you with some value, then you could also accept him. 

It depends on your decision, not your boss’s because there is no boss. There could be partners, CEO or directors in your company, but there is no boss for you. 

And the same goes for the employees. If any worker is not efficient or breaking the rules, then you may suspend him. 

Retire Early

Your retirement will be in your hands. If you achieve heights of success and don’t want to participate in the company’s doings that much, then you can retire. 

But yes there is a problem, it all depends on you! So you have to work hard and establish a good legacy. 

You can also retire in a job early. But that probably will not leave you with a large amount of money in your bank account, or I should say make you financially free. 

A business allows you to leave your office with a rich wallet and a great life ahead at the age of 30. 

Disadvantages Of A Business

You Are Responsible 

There is much more responsibility when you are the owner. If the business runs on loss, then that affects you, as it is your company. The employees can get a different job if they don’t want to work with you, or if the business becomes bankrupt. But the owner will get much affected.

I am not saying one can’t overcome bankruptcy, see Donald Trump, he got bankrupt many time, but he overcame them. 

And if you become a business owner and have to face this tragedy, then there is a chance you’ll overcome it. 

But that takes time, effort and mental pressure. When doing a job though you can overcome a loss of work by applying to another one. Yes, it is challenging to get jobs, but if you have experience and a good portfolio, then that’s become a bit easier. 

Working Hours

You are the boss, but that’s also mean your working time is not limited to eight hours. You have to work hard to build a great business. Yes, smart work can make it a bit easier, but without hard work, you can’t go anywhere. And there is no one to give an excuse than yourself. 

But this is also true that if you love the work, those hours become hours of flow state. You can’t feel how the time passes, and the world will become a distant place. This feeling will motivate you to work even if there are no results. Your time will become the hours of greatness. 

To get that mentality of working for work, you have to become supremely focused. If you are doing what you think you are good at than that can also help you to become a happy productivity machine. 

Here is an article on, How To Become Super Intelligent“.

But without this feeling, the work can become a burden, and it can become the reason for your failure. You may give an argument that, if I outsource my work, then?

To outsource, you have to find a talented freelancer who can do the task successfully, and that is also an important work. 

Risk Of Failure

After doing all the work, and giving a chunk of money to the business, there is no guarantee that it will become successful, there is always a risk of failure. We could have ignored this point if money is not involved. But because starting a business usually needs funds, that’s why this risk becomes so dangerous and undesirable. 

There are businesses though that needs minimum or low capital to start.

Read this article to know How To Make Money Online For Indian Students.


There is always uncertainty. Like job you can’t get a fixed salary, a month can get great, and others not. It depends on many factors on how much you will earn. But with the right strategy, you could stay in the market for a long time and gain profit. 

Everything has an expiry date, and it is upon your shoulders to delay that time. Take the example of Nokia, once it was one of the largest mobile manufacturing brands in the world, but now it is struggling for survival. Likewise, Kodak once was the king of its field, but now its not. 

In future, today’s giant company may be overtaken by some other big name, maybe in future Facebook overthrown by some other social media, as it did to myspace. 

So business is risky, and there is no certainty that you will earn the same amount of money next month. And a sudden change in the industry may destroy the whole strategy and make you lose. 

We can see a similar example when Jio used the blue ocean strategy and surprised its competitors by offering their free 4g sims.

It’s Harder To Start A Business

Although this point now not that relevant, still many industries need you to invest huge money. But now in the time of internet, you can start your company with little or without any investments. That also depends on which business you want to begin. 

If you want to open a traditional bookshop, then that needs ample amount of money. But if you desire to sell books online, then the investment is less money consuming.

But not only the investment, but you also have to work hard to know the ins and out of the industry to induce more profit and avoid a probable loss. Not knowing the business well can cause failure. So it is always a safe bet to gain insights about the industry before trying it. 

Health Issues

This point is not only valid for businessman, and an office worker also may face health-related issues for overwork and stress. 

So this point is valid for both, and I will advise taking some rests between the work. It helps to reduce stress and also rejuvenate your productivity. 

My Opinion

So what should you do?

See it all depends on you! If you can’t take a risk or don’t want to work for yourself, then a job is the best option. But if you like to work for your own, if you want a good lifestyle or financial freedom, then go for the business. My job was to give you birds-eye view of both of the fields which I think is complete.

Now don’t toss a coin or leave all to Gods hand. God help those who help themself, remember this saying?

So think, use your mind and try to explore your depths. If what you are doing, you like it, if your job provides you with the peace you want, then don’t leave a job. 

Everyone has their different needs, if you don’t need billions of dollars or a lavish lifestyle, then be it as it is. But if you want a Lamborghini or a big Palace then struggle for your dream.

In the end, I want to advise you, listen to your heart and do whatever you decieded using your mind.

Thank You 🙂


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