How To Overcome Depression || 10 Ways To Defeat Depression

How To Overcome Depression

Depression is dangerous. It can make one’s experience for life, like hell on earth. I sometimes get this sad state, but below are some advice, which I personally follow to get out of depression. 

Before that, please let me clear one thing, there is two types of depression, one is situational, and the other is clinical. Here I am talking about the first one. 

But what are these two? Let’s see. Situational depression is easily curable, as it comes from a sudden shock, like the death of someone, losing a job, or other life’s changes. It is possible to become stable after some time. 

But Clinical depression is more dangerous. When someone is feelling continually hopelessness and sad or having thoughts of ending life, then please see a consultant, your life is in danger!

Now let’s see some cures for the situational one (I am no doctor, and these tips are my observations, so please contact a psychiatrist, in case you are suffering it for a long time),

See The Nature

Nature has a cure for all diseases. It is we who are too ignorant of seeing the solution to our problems. 

If sadness takes a grip on your mind, go out and enjoy your life. Take a vacation and go to a far distant place, where everything is beautiful. This beauty will eventually destroy the storm happening in you. 

If taking a vacation is not possible for you, take an evening or morning walk; it will freshen your mood.

I usually take an evening walk, and if the sky is clear, I enjoy the paintings of God (Clouds). And believe me, it is more beautiful than any photoshop.

Do Something Else

If some work is troubling you, then do something else. You’ll see, after some time, your mind will be fresh again. 

This method is useful, and the benefits are instant. As per my observation, I believe that when we do something continuously, our brain gets bored and we got distracted. And constant failure makes us depressed. 

When we do something else, our brain overcomes the boredom, and we get back our focus.  

Talk With Someone

If the reason for your depression is discussable, then share it with someone. It will lighten the burden, and the efficiency will come back. 

But please be cautious and share your feelings or work details carefully. We sometimes say things when we are feeling anxious that are private or secret. 

Always remember, a decision taken in anger, sadness or happiness, is not a decision. So speak wisely. 

Listen To Music

“A soulful song has the power to cheer up a broken soul.”

Music has the power to change our mood. So if you are feeling low then listen to good music. But never listen to a sad song when your girlfriend is just broke up with you; it will increase the sadness. 


“If something is troubling you 

And you want to cry, 

Then cry! 

When we cry, we feel free! 

So Cry!”

I like to write poetry. It is my hobby. Is it good? Say in the comments section. 

Now, as we are discussing, many men have this fear of crying. But do you know? It is harmful to suppress your emotions! 

You can say it is like, you got to pee, but you don’t want to pee. Actually, our society is the main culprit here. It teaches men to be tough. But men are human, and crying is a human trait. 

So when we force ourselves not to cry, it affects our mental health. 

Now why I am not talking about women?

Because it is a more men problem, and women are more liberated to crying. A woman can weep, and society will not consider her as a weirdo. That’s why they don’t restrict themselves from this essential thing.

I am also not stating that a man or a woman should cry all the time, then it will make them weak. But when it becomes a need, then please fulfil that need!

Do Things That Makes You Feel Good

Take my example, I like to write, especially poetry. So when something is troubling me, I write poetry. Because it is something that I can do better than others, it is that thing that I enjoy. 

You’ll also have something that makes you happy that you can do better than anybody else. Find it and do it, you’ll feel peace. 

You can also watch tv or a web series, not serious ones but funny ones. 

I know tv is a waste of time, its an idiot box! But it can give you redemption from boredom or sadness.  

See, busyness is good but when it is productive. 

So take a break and watch something funny! And be productive again.

See Others

“Don’t compare yourself with someone more privileged than you. Compare with them, who are not as privileged as you!”

We see someone with the latest iPhone and curse our luck for not having enough money. But we forget to observe that person who can’t afford a phone. 

I have a simple formula for you; don’t compare yourself with anybody else; be yourself. But if it is your habit, then do it with someone who doesn’t have your fortunes. You’ll see the world will become more beautiful. 

Be Positive

When you see the world with dirty spectacles, the wold will become dirty for you. So clear your glasses first. 

Now I am not saying that you should positively see everything; there is a thin line between positivity and madness. But if something is troubling you try to see the other side of it, try to make something useful with it. 

Like if you lost the match, then observe the reason for your defeat. Use it as an opportunity. Then next time try harder. It is positivity. 

Now, what is madness?

You lost the match, then through a party, as you are thinking positively. It is not the way!

“A smart person will learn from everything, and a dumb person will miss every opportunity of learning!”

So be positive and learn!

Practice Meditation

It is an elixir for the disturbed mind. If something makes you angry, then practice breathing exercise to control that destructive state. Include Meditation in your daily routine and detach your self from anger, anxiety and sadness. 

You will become elevated and a new you will emerge. 

Check out this YouTube Channel to get started,

Write Your Emotions

It is also a great option to get instant relive. If the reason you are disturbed about is not discussable with someone, if you don’t want to discuss it or no one wants to listen or if no one is available near you, then try this method. When we share our thoughts, our anger, our feelings with somebody or something, it makes our mind peaceful again. 

Jot down every reason, and your last drop of anger in a paper, then through it in a trash can.  

Final thoughts

Nothing is impossible we are doing it in a wrong way. Do it right and, everything will be good again. 

Just say this line to yourself and see the magic. 

See, depression is a mental state, and we humans are capable of overcoming it. But do you know what always stops us?

We like to feel helpless, and this feeling is the culprit. 

You are not helpless, remove the untrue perspective, and you will be fine. 

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