How to Make Money Online In India For Students

How to Make Money Online In India For Students

If you are a college student, then you may want to earn money. Because sometimes, it becomes a disgrace to ask money every time from your parents. But you are a student, and it is also challenging to give your precious time, as you also have to study. 

So in this post, I gave you “19 ways to earn money online”.  

But let me also clear one thing, your success is not guaranteed, and you will have to work hard to see any results in all of the methods. So you can do them part-time but hardly earn any money in the first month or even in the first year. 

Quick earning ways are mostly scams or don’t stay for long. Yes, you may argue that one can become a waiter, and can receive money from the first month, he doesn’t have to wait for a year. But a waiter will get minimum wage. 

Here I am talking about the big game. These ways can become your fulltime job if you get successful, you can even earn in millions!

So if you have patience and can do give your best without expecting a penny, then here are the 25 scam-free ways to earn money online in India for students, 

Start Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the most trusted and highly latent platforms to earn money online. But it’s also not a child’s game to become successful. You have to work hard, and with a never giving mindset, this platform can not only give you earning in lakhs but also fame and respect. 

I can’t say how much time will you need to earn success, but it is too unlikely to fail if you have perseverance, your content is good, and you post frequently. 

There are many ways to earn money from this online platform, and here are some of them, 

Make Money From the YouTube Partner Program

After getting four thousand hours of watch time and one thousand subscribers, you can apply for the YouTube partner program. 

If you are accepted, then you can earn money from ad revenue. 

From Merch

Creating merchandise and selling them on YouTube is also a great way to earn money from this video sharing platform. 

But to do this, you have to gain a good following and have to have an engaging audience else your products won’t get any sell. 

Affiliate Marketing

If you don’t want to sell your products, then you can sell other’s products by doing affiliate marketing. I will talk about it in the upcoming section, but it is one of the best ways to earn. And do you know the best thing, you can start it if you don’t have any subscribers. 

Make Money With Superchat

Fans donate money in the live streams to help their favourite creator it is called super chat. It is also a fun way to earn some cash by streaming online. But to make money, you have to create a genuinely interested (in your videos) audience and have to have qualified for YouTube’s partner program. 

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From Join Button (Channel Membership)

With this feature, you can offer a subscription-based system where your fans can pay you a certain amount, and they get some benefits, like exclusive videos, live streams, sticker, and you can earn. 

To activate this feature, you have to gain 5000 subscribers, and your channel must be in the partner program. 

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Selling Your Products

Like merch, you can also sell your products like e-books, courses, software etc. You can also create a channel for demonstrating your products and then promote that video with YouTube ads to gain attraction as many other famous brands do. 


It is another excellent way to earn money. But to get any sponsor, you have to make good content and a good following. Brands may contact you themselves to promote their products. But always promote those products that are genuine. 

Take Patreon

Like YouTube Memberships, you can offer some exclusive contents to your patrons on Patreon for some exclusive videos and features, and they can support you by giving money. 

Not only YouTubers, but this platform is also helpful for other professionals like musicians, artists writers, tutors and many more. 

Make Money By Online Tutoring

It is one of the best jobs for a student. Nowadays everything is going online, and with the rapid growth of technology, we also have to change ourselves. 

A new era of education is beginning, and the youth have an opportunity to use this chance for their benefits. 

Here are some ways if you want to teach online, 

Do Video Calls

If you don’t want to work for any organization, then you can teach independently with the help of any video calling app, like, Zoom, Jio Meet, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet etc. To give homework you can use, telegram, Facebook or Whatsapp group feature, or use google classroom. 

Teach on Platforms Like Byju’s 

You can also join platforms like Byju’s, Vedantu, Unacademy etc. But whichever platform you join first see their requirements, if they want you as a fulltime tutor or if they are signing you a contract. Because as a student, your studies come first, then earnings. 

Teach on YouTube

You can also start an educational channel on YouTube. But to start earning any money, you have to fulfil the criteria discussed in the previous section. 

Find Writing Jobs On Facebook

If you are good at writing and if you want to earn money with using this talent, then I have good news for you; now you can find clients on Facebook. 

The process is simple, search for groups which provide writing service. Then tell about your services, like, what are your charges and how lengthy content you can provide, if you are willing to work for part-time or full-time etc.  

Don’t be limited to one group; share your offer to as many writing groups as possible. Be active on Facebook and see if anyone posted about a writing job, if there are jobs available contact to that person and send an offer. 

Facebook is one of the platforms for beginners. But you will not get high payouts, and there is a risk of not even getting any payment because there is no website to ensure that the client will pay his dues. But if you use this method smartly, it can make you some money. 

Create An Account On Fiverr

If you have a talent, then you can earn money with Fiverr. It is a freelancing site, where you can post your service (called GIG in Fiverr) and if a potential client like your offer, he or she can buy your GIG. It is a great platform that unites freelancers to their potential customers. 

What is freelancing, by the way?

It’s a type of work where the freelancer is not necessarily committed to their employer for the long term. Its a more liberating field of work than any job. 

So is Fiverr the only site for getting freelance work?

No! There are many sites like Guru, People Per Hour, Upwork.

But all freelancing sites don’t follow the Fiverr’s model, in some of them you have to bid for getting any project. 

You can also open your site and offer services, or as I said earlier, you can also use Facebook to get freelancing work. 

Make Money By Selling Your Photos

If you like to click photos, and if they are well appreciated, then sell them online. Many sites offer stock photos, and in those sites, there is also an option to submit your photo too. Use that option and earn real cash. 

But let me clear one thing, your photo must be high quality and have industrial value. Because if it doesn’t have any industrial value, then it may get accepted to the site (you are uploading), but you will not see sells. So, find out what photos you can click which have high quality and also they are in-demand. 

There are many sites like Shutterstock, Getty Images, iStock, Adobe Stock etc. where you can create an account for free and earn a handsome income. 

But it’s not going to be easy. There is a huge competition, and it’s hard to get success, not impossible though. 

Stream On Twitch

 If you like to play games, then you can now earn money. Yes, I’m serious! There is an Amazon own site called Twitch, where you can live streams your games and make money in many ways. 

Although it is not only for gamers, if you want, you can also make tutorial videos in live-streams, but Twitch is mostly known as a gaming platform. 

Here are some ways you can earn cash from this incredible platform, 

Make Money By Selling Merchandise

Like YouTube create your merch and sell them to your audience. You can create your merch like T-shirts, Cups, Pens etc. from sites like Teespring. If you have a good fan following, if they can afford and your products have a sound design with reasonable pricing, then there is a high chance they will buy from you.

Get Donations

You can ask your viewers for donations. Use PayPal and receive payments from your fans. But to get financial support for your work, you have to build a good fanbase. 

Make Money From Products Promotions

Streamers can also get sponsorships. By promoting products, one can earn millions of dollars. But it’s easier to say than do. 

Join Twitch Affiliate Program

Like YouTube Partner Program, Twitch has run a similar monetization opportunity called, Twitch Affiliate Program. Follow this link to know more,

Make Money By Selling Your E-books

If you know about something very well or if you like to write, then you can pen down an E-book. 

With Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), you can earn a handsome income. And do you know what the best part?

It’s all free! You don’t need to invest a single penny, to start earning. 

There are also sites like KOBO, Barnes and Noble, Google Play Books, iBooks, where you can do the same thing. 

But if you want to publish your books multiplatform, then Draft2Digital can help you to do that. It will take a small commission for every sale. So if you are ok with that, then use this platform for free book publishing. 

Make Money By Selling Your Products

You can start an online selling business on Amazon, Flipkart or other e-commerce stores. They need a GST number, so you have to obtain one. 

Don’t forget that there is tremendous competition, so your products must be excellent in something, or it will disappear in the crowd. Try to offer something genuine for cheap and do good marketing. Always remember, you are on the internet and can sell your product in entire India. But also don’t forget that you are competing with lots of sellers who may offer something better than you.  

I advise you to find something, that is available in your locality. Then you can get it for cheap. 

If you don’t like the idea to sell on Amazon or other websites, then you can also build your eCommerce store. Nowadays, there are lots of tools available for that.

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Use Meesho

If you don’t have a product, or if you don’t want the shipping hassle, then try Meesho. It’s a free reselling platform. 

What does reselling means? 

When someone buys an item to sell it, that’s called reselling. At Meesho they have a wide range of stuff, which you can sell and create an income source. They will deliver orders and also manage the returns. And you can set the price of the product as much as you want as long it’s not crossing the MRP. 

With Facebook Marketplace, you can sell your items, and earn money as much as you can sell. But the Facebook is filled with Meesho (and other reselling platforms) sellers, so always try to set a competitive price. 

Though I said, Meesho will manage all the shipping and return hassle, but as you sold the stuff, the customer can ask you for assistance. It is a comparatively easy way to start a business, and have the potential to earn you a fortune.  

There are other platforms like Shop101, Glowroad etc. and other methods to sell other than the Facebook marketplace.

Sell Your Handmade Products On Etsy

If you can make marvelous Handmade items, Vintage stuff or craft, then there is a platform called Etsy, where you can sell your work. 

Though joining and starting the shop on Etsy is free, but as of I’m writing this article, there are three fees you have to pay. Fees for listing your product is .20 dollar. When your product once get sold there is a transaction fee of 5%. And if you accept payment through with platforms like PayPal, there is also a payment processing fee according to their price structure. 

The fees are nominal if you compare it with the audience and opportunity getting. So if you have something to sell, then welcome to Etsy. 

Make Money By Starting A Podcast

A Podcast is like the new radio, where you can listen to your favourite creator. But do you know you can become someone’s favourite creator with platforms like Anchor? It is now becoming famous in India, and you can take the opportunity. 

There is a platform called Anchor where you can create your Podcast and distribute your channel to sites, like Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Breaker, Overcast, Spotify, Pocket Cast etc. 

Though you can create your Podcast in those platforms separately, then you also have to manage the hassle of posting episodes to all of them. With Anchor it becomes easy, you have to share your Episode to Anchor and then it will distribute the episode for you. It’s a great way to earn money in modern days. 

How to make money with Podcast?

Here are the ways, 


You can promote products, and earn handsome money if your channel has a numerous and interacting audience. 

Make Money By Affiliate Marketing

Like many of the online opportunities, you can earn handsome money by selling affiliate products. 

Take Donations

You can also ask your fans for donation and support your work. 

Make Money Selling Your Products 

If you have a product or offer any services, then you can sell it to your audience. 

Earn With Interview

Like sponsoring, you can invite a guest and interview them. The guest can promote their product and give some valuable information, and you will get money for inviting them and a good podcast episode. So it’s a win-win situation. 

Use Patreon

Offer your audience a Patreon link, and some premium content there, so that they can help you by becoming a Patreon. 

Merchandise – If you have a loyal fan base, then you can sell your merch. 

Make Money By Reviewing Books

If you like to read a book, then this could be a great way to earn some handsome income. You can do it independently, or join a platform like Reedsy discovery. 

How to do it independently?

There are many possible ways. You can discover them depending on your imagination and doing research. Here is a way to get started. 

There are many Facebook groups available where authors promote their books. Search a post like this, and connect with the author with the messenger. Offer him an amount, and if you have a vast audience, then he/she may give you the money you are asking. But don’t commit a positive review, always say what you think about the book. 

You have to create a sound portfolio before asking money to authors. There are multiple places where you can grow your audience, like, Twitter, Reddit, Your Blog, YouTube, Instagram etc. 

You can also create your own Facebook group or use all of the methods. 

Become an Audiobook Narrator

If you have a good voice, then you can become an Audiobook narrator. You can get work from freelance sites like Upwork, Fiveer, or Or from the industry-specific sites like ACX. 

But getting any work is dependent on your skills and voice. So try to improve them. You can also take some courses on Udemy. It will help you to get an idea about the industry and how to get started. It may also help you to improve your skills significantly. 

You’ll be going to need some equipment like a sound mic, laptop, an audio recording software etc. to get started. 

If you like to read a book and if you have a good voice, then try this industry.

Make Money By Affiliate Marketing

If you are reading through this article from the start, then you notice that I mentioned about affiliate marketing. But what is it?

With this method, you can earn money by promoting someone else products, and they will pay a commission. 

There are many affiliate website, but one of the most famous ones is Amazon. But actually, what website work for you best depends on what you are doing.

For example, if you make WordPress tutorials, then you can join affiliate programs of hosting site.

Always try to choose your niche-specific products, because at the end of the day you will not earn anything without selling. 

If you promote relevant products, then there is more chance that people will buy from your link. 

There are many methods to do affiliate marketing, like promoting on your Blog, Instagram, Podcast, YouTube, Create a dedicated platform for affiliate marketing or a Facebook page or create a cashback app, email outreach, offering a free course etc. 

Though don’t bind yourself with only these methods, try to find out more ways to promote the products and use them as long as they are legal. 

Start Your Website

When you are growing your audience on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit or any social platform, they always remember that they are not your sites. If they like, they can ban you. 

But when you have a Website that is only yours, and you can optimize it as you like. If you don’t want a pause button, you can remove it, if you like you can change the theme of your website. 

Having a website gives you power, and there are many ways to earn money form a site. 

You can create a blog and earn money from ads, affiliate marketing, sponsorships. 

Or you can sell your services, courses. You can also use it to grow your email reach and video views. 

There are many possibilities, open your eyes and embrace the opportunity. 

Become A Chat Support Agent

Companies like Apple and Amazon hire people to handle customers over chat. You can apply for their jobs and even work from home. There are many remote work opportunities, and many companies offer you employment.

There are other websites than Amazon and Apple that hire people to support their clients over chat.

You can also find these works on platforms like Indeed or freelancing sites like Upwork. 

Make Money By Selling Your Course

 If you are expert in any field, then now you can teach it online and earn money. There are many sites where you can start creating your course, like, Udemy, Skillshare, Udacity, Learn Form Fiverr etc.

You can also sell it to your website, with software like Thinkific, Teachable or Vimeo etc. 

There are many ways to promote, like an offer something for free, then pitch about your premium course. Or in social platforms like, Instagram, YouTube etc. You can also run ads on these social platforms, or with Google ads.

A course is like an asset which can benefit you for many years. 

Make Money By Editing Videos

If you like to edit videos, then become a video editor. With the rise of YouTube and YouTubers, there is a need for video editors. 

You can find work on freelancing sites like, Fiveer, Behance or can contact a YouTuber and ask him if he needs an editor or any of his/her friend. If your offer is sound, then they may reply.

Instagram Influencer

If you like to use Instagram, then now you can become an Instagram Influencer. We saw this Facebook-owned company grew very rapidly. And there is a tremendous chance that it will not stop the legacy of growth soon. 

More and more YouTubers are taking their audience to Instagram to protect themself from Google’s termination. If YouTube ever suspends their channel, they have another option. And that’s good news for Zukerberg. As YouTubers are coming to the platform, it is also growing rapidly.

We can now see Instagram is also increasing the opportunities. Some years back, it was just a photo-sharing site, but at present, we can also upload videos and short videos in this incredible platform. 

Yes, at the time I am writing this article, there is no monetization option like YouTube has, but you can earn by becoming an influencer. 

But that is not a child’s job to earn the title of Instagram Influencer. You have to do hard work mixing with smart efforts and win the entitlement. 

There are many ways an Influencer can earn, like, Affiliate marketing, promoting merch, sponsorships or selling own products etc. 

So, This was the list, and I hope you like it. If you did, then don’t forget to share this article in your social handles. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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