How to Become Super Intelligent | 12 Ways To Boost Your Intelligent

How to Become Super Intelligent | 12 Ways To Boost Your Intelligent
How to Become Super Intelligent

Do you want to know “How To Become Super Intelligent?”

Then first, let’s understand, what is intelligence?

When I searched this term on Google, it replied, “the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.” It was its first answer, and the second one is, “the collection of information of military or political value.”

Which one do you like?

I liked the first one, but also can’t ignore the second definition. 

We all think that a genius must be a mathematician or a scientist. Artists, speakers, writers, poets comes in mind after them. 

So first we have to believe that if you can do any job effectively and better than ordinary humans and your co-workers, then you are super intelligent. 

A factory worker is a genius in his field of work if he can do it better than his peers.

If you have an extraordinary talent, then you are talented. In that note, everybody is gifted.

But do you know the funny part?

Very few know their gift, or I should say belief in their skill. 

That’s why some wise from the crowd become famous, tagged as Super intelligent. 

But they are wise because they polished their talent, which they achieved by interest. 

I believe in inborn expertise and interest-based expertise. 

As an example, we can see Einstein. He was not good at remembering things even we hear incidents when he forgets about the station he was going when travelling on a train. But he was a genius scientist. 

It was because of his brain’s structure. 

I am not a specialist on this matter, so I can’t explain to you this correctly. Search it on google, about Einstein’s preserved brain, and there you’ll find some fascinating facts. 

It was an example of inborn talent. (Though I don’t know if he developed his brain that way or it was natural, as I said I am no expert on this matter.)

But sometimes if something attracts someone in childhood, and if he/she practices that thing with heart and soul, then it can become his/her talent. 

Not only in childhood but if we practice anything at any age with a learning mindset, we can also become an expert. 

And if we utilize our talent, then we can become intelligent.

But how can you find your talent?

You have to assess yourself. Ask your brain what it likes, what is its stimulus.

If it tells you alcohol or cigarette, then you are going in the wrong direction.

Ask again what work it likes? What’s that thing you can do, even forgetting time and get into the flow state. 

In my case, it is writing. I literally can’t feel how the time passes when I’m drafting an article. 

But it was not always this way. First, I had to assess myself and discover my likings. I noticed that I could write essays.

Although those were not that good, but it was an achievement for me, because, at that time, my peers were busy with memorizing and I was writing them myself.  

That inspired me to polish my writing. 

(In the beginning, there was nothing like a flow state, I always look at the clock and waiting when the writing will end. It was then a challenge for me, to even write a five hundred words article. But time passes, and my skill gets polished, and I started to really like it.) 

Without learning and believe, it was not possible to relish writing.

How to Become Super Intelligent  

So I would also suggest you, to think, think, what are your capabilities, what you are doing different and doing better than your peers. 

If it is a fake believe, but you work hard and smart to polish your skill. Then nevertheless it is fake or genuine it will become your talent. 

Now let’s say that Ram’s aim is good. 

With that talent, Ram can become a criminal, go for the Olympics or become a policeman. 

It’s not enough to have a talent you have to use it properly. 

There is a Japanese technique called Ikigai, which means, “value of being alive”. This technique will help you to find your purpose. 

Having a talent and having a purpose is different. 

If you have a skill, and you are using it in the right way, then it becomes your purpose. 

How to find the right way?

Ask yourself the four questions of Ikigai, 

  1. What do you love?
  2. Which activity you can do better than your peers?
  3. Can that pay you?
  4. Does the world need it?

Answer these four questions, and you will get your purpose too. Then you can become super-intelligent at your work. 

(Caution: Don’t become arrogant and ignorant, then it become more challenging to achieve triumph. 

“Work with your heart, and your mind will listen, 

But don’t think of you as special.”)

To help you more here are twelve tips to become super-intelligent,

Think To Become Super Intelligent

We forget that we have a brain, and if we don’t use it, it will become dull. We find solutions on the internet about every problem, without even thinking about the difficulty. 

That’s why our brain become lazy, and we hate to use it for thinking.

Before writing any article, I first think about the topic, then do any research. 

That’s why you may not find many similarities with other articles. Yes, there will be some, because I do research and if like something, I include it. 

Like this concept, actually, I saw a video of Swetabh Gangwar, and there he was talking about how we don’t introspect about the difficulty before asking help from google or real person, how we become lazy.

I liked this concept, maybe because I follow it myself or because it is true. 

So the very first thing to become super-intelligent is to start thinking.

You can watch his video here –

Super Intelligent People Don’t Compete With Anyone

Your elders or teachers may advise you to become better than your peers by competing with them. 

The cause is good, but the method is evil, or you may also say destructive. 

Why is it destructive?

Because then your sole purpose will be to defeat that person, even if you have to do something immoral.

I am not saying that you definitely will, but we all are humans, and humans do make mistakes. 

Here is an example, 

Ram wants to become a Topper in his school, and he thinks his biggest competition is Rajiv. 

Before the exam date, his father warned him, “I want to see that you rank first in your class. Your results must have to be good!

And if you become first, I will gift you the latest mobile.”

Though he fears his father, now he is more interested in the mobile. So in the exam date when Ram stuck with a question and saw Rajiv writing it, he becomes depressed

What can Ram do? 

He cheated and wrote the answer. 

It is not Ram’s mistake. It is the society that pushes him to become a cheater. 

But do you know, what is Ram’s mistake?

He listened to them!

You may ask what we can do to become better if we not compete. 

We need to compete to become better. But the person we are competing with must be ourselves, not others. 

Now if Ram followed this method, then he forbid himself to use any unethical approach. Because he doesn’t want to defeat anybody, he wants to conquer himself. And definitely, cheating is not the right method to do that. 

Super Intelligent People Don’t Listen To The Society

Society is dumb, do you know why it is this way?

Because society has very few smart and intelligent people, and it has many ignorants. 

That’s why most of the time we get the wrong advice. That’s why society always discourages something out of the box. 

The best thing to do is to ignore those comments and keep moving on to your journey. 

But that’s not mean you will ignore your critiques. There are trollers I know, but there are good critiques also. 

Some people are pessimistic about everything, but every negative comment is not worthless. It’s your responsibility to find out the useful ones. 

And there are some generous souls, who will give you valuable feedback, like where you are great, and where you need improvement. 

Respect these people, they are rare. 

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Don’t Be a Sheep 

People tend to follow which everybody is doing. Now, this is not the right way. But sometimes the peer pressure becomes so high that it is almost impossible to ignore it. 

And that’s when we fall into the trap, thinking because everybody is doing, then it is must be good. 

No that’s the reason it might be not. 

When an individual gets into the crowd, his intelligence gets mixed there, and it creates crowd intelligence. 

Because in a crowd there are many types of people with different intelligence level. That’s why that crowd become dumb. Without a proper leader, it becomes dangerous. 

So if you chose to join a sheep herd, then first see who is the Shephard, if he is eligible or not. 

But if you want to become intelligent, then that is not advisable. Yes, you can use it as a learning source, but never become a part of a crowd. 

Don’t Become A Follower

It is related to the first point. My thinking is simple if you want to become extraordinary, then don’t ever become a follower. 

I was very inspired when I read the book, Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. 

I was inspired to see that, Siddhartha become a disciple of many organizations, but he never followed them. 

If you see the example of Buddha or any revolutionary, they may have been a disciple of some great gurus, but they never bound themselves with their Guru’s teachings only. 

They tried many things and then invented their path. 

When we follow someone, then our potential gets stuck with that person’s capabilities only.

We all are human, and we all have the latent to become intellect and join that Supermind, God.  


Samarpan means dedication. 

When we become a pupil, it is necessary to listen to our Guru and believe our Guru. 

Without dedication, we cannot learn anything.

I know I just said, never follow anyone, but that is after you get the education. 

If you want to learn a skill, then you have to believe your Guru and his capabilities. As you don’t know much, you have to listen to whatever he/she is saying. 

After learning the skill, leave for another a more glorious venture, 

My one of the favorite anime is dragon ball series. I love how Goku never give up, how he never limits himself to one master’s teaching. But when he is learning, he listens to the master. 

We have to adopt this quality. 

Yes, it is also necessary to choose a good Guru.  


Curiosity helps us to reach new heights, and without it, humans may not become humans. But this curiosity sometimes becomes the reason for destruction. 

If you heard about the Greek Mythology Pandora’s Box, you might relate to what I am saying. 

Though I am not abstaining you from asking questions, because it is necessary if you want to become genius, but see the situation, analyze it and then after knowing if there is any problem you may go ahead carefully. Knowing the possible danger can help you to avoid it. Though sometimes avoiding become impossible. 

Out of curiosity, Eienstine discovered how to create the atom bomb, and you know what happened after that. But without his nack of knowing, physics may never become what we know it today. 

So be curious, but also remember the phrase; curiosity killed the cat.

Think Before Act 

It’s easy to say something harsh to somebody, or criticize, but that’s not always a good idea. 

A wise will think before speaking anything. Because when we say something, it’s not possible to take it back. 

In a similar way, when you do something, its never possible to change it. You or somebody have to pay the price. 

People like to talk about someone who is not even present there. I know it is hard, almost impossible to restrain our self from gossiping about someone’s blunder, but it can create disliking and unnecessary hate. 

If that person knows what you have said about him/her from someone else, then that will not be a good situation, will it? 

Even if he/she doesn’t say it to your face, but most probably after this, he/she will avoid talking to you. 

So always think before you act. 

Super Intelligent People Don’t Stop Learning

Learning is a livelong process, and who stop learning, stops living. 

After college, we think that our learning ends there, but it is not the truth! We are humans, and it is our nature. But we are also very lazy and think it is cool to show the world that we are doing something wrong. That’s why we suppress our curiosity, out-of laziness, out of coolness and create boundaries. 

Never abstain yourself from this delight, the delight of knowing. 

Learn from books, courses, videos, movies from anything and everything. 

Never think that it is not cool, or there is nothing to learn from something like a song because there is! 

Broader your view and you will see the world differently, in a genius’s way. 


Never pursue an amateur mindset, learn to accept change and bring change to your life!

If you stuck on the ordeal, don’t make it your comfort zone, but try to find ways to free yourself from the mess. 

Humans like to make boundaries, and they feel good at living between those walls. 

But if we want to become super smart, then become like Goku. He always trains himself to become stronger because he knows there is somebody better than him. 

And this is also true for us. We also have our better versions waiting to beat us in our expertise. 

As discussed earlier, always compete with yourself, and when we think ourself as the strongest or best, and it is not possible to progress further, then remember this phrase, “There is someone better than us waiting to beat us.” 

Self Assess

Without self-assess, it is impossible to improve!

You have to see what is stopping you from triumph, and then try to solve the problems. You have to analyze your actions and see if there are anything that you can improve. ( There Will Be!)

Not only that it also helps you to identify your specialties. But also be cautious, because sometimes dark thoughts, like, a sudden feeling of grief, anger or sexual feelings appear. 

But when you are self-assessing, please avoid these feelings. These feelings can lead your thinking to another less productive direction. Our mind likes to roam to different thoughts, and that’s why it’s become difficult to focus. 

Try to use self-assessing as an alternative of pastime, like, when you are standing on a line or riding on a train alone. 

I am not advising you to stop entertain yourself. We, humans, need entertainment. But a wise will entertain herself and also try to learn from that particular act she is doing. As I mentioned earlier in this article, if you have the right mindset, then you can learn from the smallest of things. 

It is not a good idea to make a routine for self-assessment, you’ve to make it your life!

Super Intelligent People Don’t Judge Too Quickly

We are humans. And that’s why it is difficult to understand one’s character just by watching them for ten seconds. Yes, we can get a rough idea, but that idea must not be our conclusion for that person’s personality. 

But if we choose to do, then that can hurt our feeling, when we prove to be wrong. 

Sometimes the eccentric people, prove to be a good soul, and sometimes the most formal person, with the utmost respect for elders, turn out to be the evil. 

We all have had a portion of evil in us, but who has it considerably high, he considered to be a wicked person. 

So never judge anyone too quickly, and also remember, one’s nature may change with time. Believe, because, without it, you become too cynical, but don’t ever tell anyone your secrets and your weakness if not necessary.

So it was the article. I hope it will help you and make your life more meaningful. 

Thank You. 🙂


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