How To Be More Productive – 20 Ways to Increase Your Productivity

How To Be More Productive

How To Be More Productive — 20 Ways to Increase Your Productivity

In this digital era, everybody wants to become productive, because now the world is not running on a marathon but a sprinter. Many good humans are searching for ways to do things faster, beat their peers, they want productivity!

It is a clever reason, but not a wiser one.

We always have to compete with ourselves, not others. So, it is necessary to clear our goal, answering the question, why we want to increase productivity?

In this article, you will find a detailed discourse about productivity. So this is not just another post with some tips, it is a guide.

But before giving you my tips, let me clear a point. One must not overthink about it, because it will harm than good.

First, remove all your worries and tensions that can cause a loss of focus. Because Focus is one of the crucial elements for productivity, you have to secure it from all distractions.

Do you know what is the most fun thing?

Almost everyone forgets about Focus! People try different apps, techniques, even change the surroundings, but all of this doesn’t work. Why?

Just for that one thing, ‘focus’!

How focus comes?

When you are not distracted by worries and tensions, or when you are doing the thing you love. But how to rejuvenate our it, are there any methods to remove our tensions and worries?

There definitely is! You will eventually discover how to gain focus back by reading this article, so first let’s discuss the four different circumstances for productivity,

  1. When one is interested in something and doing it from his/her heart.
  2. When one is a responsible person and don’t want to ruin his/her image.
  3. When the due date is near.
  4. For the situational pressure.

When One Is Doing IKIGAI

If you love what you do, productivity will come eventually.

When someone does something with a happy and cheerful mind, he gets the least distracted.

Take my example; I like to write and can do it better than most of the other jobs. Sometimes I even forget about the time when writing an article!

If you enjoy doing something, then you’ll also overlook the clock. And it will help you to focus.

But how to find your purpose? You can ask these questions,

These are the four questions of IKIGAI, a Japanese technique, which derived in the Okinawa Islands.

When people find their reason for their existence, they live more. People on this island are the living proof of this statement because Okinawa is a Blue Zone!*

Finding a purpose is not only essential to increase your productivity, but it also helps you to live longer! And those four questions, IKIGAI, will help you to discover your passion.

When One Is Responsible

Responsibility comes with a sense of loss.

What do you think of a person who will lose something if he doesn’t do a task? And a person who will not lose anything or don’t have the sense of the loss, who will do the work more effectively?

Our common sense says the first man will do it with zeal because he has something to lose or gain.

This is called, ‘responsibility’; when someone is accountable for something.

There are four types of persona which we can see in a human when it comes to responsibility; 1. A responsible person, 2. An Irresponsible person and, 3. Have both qualities; procrastinators.

The first one knows his/her or sometimes other’s duties, and he will complete the task before the due date. But the second one has minimum or no sense of obligation.

A responsible person will do the work with his utmost capability and efficiency to finish the duty in time.

When the Due Date Is Near

In the previous section, I told you about the there types but explained only two. So now let me introduce you to the procrastinators.

Procrastinators first will don’t give any of there attention to the task given to them. But just before the due date they will give their heart and soul to finish the job.

For The Situational Pressure

Situations can change everything, and they can make you do many things that you thought impossible. In the previous section, I told you how procrastinators work when they are under pressure.

Sometimes our circumstances make us do things that we don’t want to. Like, if you have a PHD, will you interested in doing the job of a clerk?

But when you are the only one in your family who can earn and your father is no more, then what will you do; wait for the right opportunity or use the current one?

It happens with us, maybe not that extreme, but yes it happens. So sometimes we are forced to do something, and we do it zealously, to climb up the ladder. I call it good pressure.

See, when we are under pressure or depressed, we become desperate and that is bad for our productivity. But if we overcome our weak mentality, thinks positively and use it as a source of motivation, then that pressure becomes good. But I am not suggesting you become a procrastinator. I am just saying to use stress for your advantage when the inevitable comes.

How to Overcome Depression? Read this article —

Now Here Are The Tips,

Get Early In The Morning

After spending a tireless day, we sleep to give our body and mind the needed rest. After a good night sleep, our body becomes fully recharged to fight the next day challenges.

Try an experiment, go to bed one minute before your normal time. Then try to wake up one minute before your daily schedule. Do this for one week or so. Then increase the time to three or five minutes earlier. Do the same in the next week, increase the time. First, it may seem illogical, but after a year or so, you will notice, you are waking up at five in the morning! This technique is called Kaizen. Using this technique and implementing the seemingly insignificant change will be one of the best decision you will ever take!

When we wake up in the early morning, our energy levels are high, and we can do every work more efficiently.

Set Smaller Goals

Our goals help us to achieve new things. But we should also set them daily. It can help us to achieve bigger things systematically.

Use a to-do list to plan your day. There are also many apps available on the play store, and one of them is Microsoft To-Do. It is one of my favourite apps as it does not contain any ads, its free, easy to use and loaded with tons of features.

So I will highly recommend this app if you decided to plan your daily goals.

Plan Your Day In The Previous Night

It is essential to know your tasks for the day, but it is more important to set them on the night before.

It is a necessary thing to do, to set your goals, but not as essential to complete your goals! So use the most productive time of your day, morning, wisely.

Set your goals on the night before!

Prioritize Your Tasks

After writing your daily responsibilities, now its time to shortlist them. Examine them and see which ones are more important and do them. We tend to procrastinate on essential or difficult obligations. It is a bad habit! Most of the time we procrastinate not because the task is difficult, but for the vibes, we get from them.

For example, if a kid doesn’t like to go to school, then he will procrastinate on homework.

But when a kid gets appreciation in school, most probably he will do the homework as he has a good feeling related to it. So we shouldn’t scold a child every time for his mistakes.

Now you are not a kid, probably, are you?

If not, then you have to fight with that feeling and do it as the first thing in the morning, and this is also the second point.

Do Hardest Task In The Morning

By “hard”, I don’t mean the responsibility is laborious, but it creates a bad vibe for you. Do these types of works before anything else. Eat that frog!

This term tossed by Brain Tressy, and it means to do the most tricky task, as the first thing in the morning.

You can also read his book on the same name.

Keep All Distractions Aside

If anything distracts you, keep it at a distance. Our common sense says that it is a crucial thing to do, but most of the time we don’t do it! So before start working on an assignment, first clear your workplace.

A possible distraction maybe is your phone. But it also depends on person to person. It’s possible that for you, mobile is not an addictive gadget but a useful one.

So don’t do things mindlessly, first rectify your distractions and then expel them.

Start Doing!

Some people like planning, and maybe they do it better than any other peers, but do you know what they do after making a masterplan?

They do nothing!

Please remember, “A great plan doesn’t win you a war, but excellent execution is.

So, if you have a plan, that is good, but if you are executing it, then that is exceptional!

Stop Multi-Tasking

It is a trend of recent years, and people express they can multitask as it is something good they are doing. But if someone is busy, it’s not mean that he/she is doing something with productivity!

When we give our mind to process two different things at the same time, it delivers a faulty output. So, don’t do multitasking and do the one thing with your utmost attention.

Focus On One Goal At The Time (With A Plan B)

If you want to succeed in something, then focus on one goal! It is good to have a plan B, but you also have to give your best on plan A.

Do what you like and give your best on that thing. But make a backup, so if the first one becomes a failure, you have something else to do.

Here is an example,

Sam like to write, and he wants to pursue it as a career. But the problem is, his family is against that, and indeed it is a risky decision.

One day a thought came to his mind, if by chance he doesn’t become a writer, what will happen to his family, as he is the only son? He decided to start a YouTube Channel as it doesn’t take much time and also he can teach what he likes.

So he started to upload one video every month. As his content was good, people started responding to his videos, and one day one of his videos got into the trending tab, and he becomes famous. Then he self-published his book from the money earned from YouTube.

Now, it was a fictitious example, but not an impossible one. Even Bhuban Bam started his channel just for fun. He was passionate about music. But he is now one of the biggest Indian YouTubers, and also he is fulfilling his dreams.

I am not telling you to become a YouTuber, but do what you can without spending much time on that. A second option will give you mental peace.

So, focus on one goal, but think of a plan-B.

80/20 Rule

According to this rule, not everything we do gives us good results. What we do, twenty per cent of it gives us the eighty per cent result and the eighty per cent of work gives us twenty per cent result. It is a breakthrough concept that delivers us a broader perspective to think.

We can tag that eighty per cent as unimportant.


Don’t do all your work by yourself, outsource unimportant tasks, or what you have to learn from scratch.

For example, Ram wants to publish a book. He doesn’t know about Canva and also has little knowledge about designing. What will be the best option for him (if he has a budget), to learn from scratch or to outsource it from a freelancing site like Fiverr?

Our common sense says if he has a budget, then it is wise to hire a professional who can also do it far better than him. I encourage you to learn new skills, but sometimes it is better to outsource.

Try To Automate Things

If possible, try to automate your daily chores. It will save you time, and you don’t have to think about unnecessary or less critical tasks. But you may ask how?

Actually, it depends on what you are doing. For example, If you are a teacher, you can set up a website, where you set up a joining system. Now the student can pay their fees online and access the notes or other kinds of stuff.

It will give you flexibility, save your time, and you can now focus on teaching. (Hey teachers needs productivity)

Take Breaks

Breaks are important!

Our mind and body need rest to give its best. When we push ourselves to do something critical after working all day long, most probably we can’t do anything.

Then after a short nap, the problem becomes easy to solve.

It happens to the best of us, and that’s why I will suggest you push yourself as if you don’t, then how can you be a limit breaker?

But don’t forget to enjoy life and taking breaks! These breaks can be short ones, like a nap, and long ones like a vacation.

When we accomplish something great, and now we have some time to spend with our family, then use it.

When we do something with our heart and soul, then it is a pleasure for us to do it, but not for our family. So give time to your family. Also, a change will help you gain your productivity back.

Don’t Listen To Negative People

These energy vampires are everywhere!

If you want to start something new, or walking on the road lesser travelled, then they will suck all your motivation and inspiration.

Yes, you can fight them, but we are living in the Kaliyog, and in this era, evil has the upper hand.

So the easiest and best thing to do is to not listen to them, or even if possible, don’t meet with these people. They will not only decrease your productivity but also push you to depression or taking the wrong decision.

Find a Wise Community

A good company is good, but a wise company is better. But also be cautious friend, as many groups may seem a helpful community, but when you enter there, you will find they are faking it all.

How to identify these toxic groups?

When they are only asking you for donations, but won’t help you in the time of need. They will give some excuse every time, and won’t help you.

Also, if the group is telling you to believe whatever they are saying without giving a proper explanation, then maybe there is something fishy.

But a wise community will help every member and create a positive environment. This positivity will increase our productivity.

Don’t Be Available For Everyone

I am a sufferer of this disease. Yes, ‘disease’ is the best simile I found! I used to think that if I don’t do some chore for someone, they will not love or respect me. But when I did their work, they didn’t respect me.

So forget this idea, you have to learn how to say no, how to use your time for yourself.

My ideology is this; give money to help someone, but spend your precious time very cautiously! Because a time that lost, never return, so try to utilize it.

When you realize the scarcity of this valuable thing, productivity will eventually come. I will say it is better to learn something than running errands for someone.

I’m also not indicating that you have to become selfish, but don’t do things for appreciation, do them for the good of others.

Become a giver only after achieving financial stability or when you become wise.

Don’t Live For Others

People nowadays wear the most uncomfortable dress because it is attractive, just to maintain our status symbol! They behave in a certain way to impress others, not because it is morally right.

Please don’t do it!

Everybody has a different opinion, and if you listen to all of them, at the end of the day, your productivity will be zero. Do you know most intelligent billionaire don’t think about their clothes?

So if you want to become like them, you have to adopt this quality!

Because people are there to criticize, but it’s upon your intelligence to decide which is helpful criticism, and which is just negativity came from jealousy.

Don’t Listen To Every Advice

My take on this matter is simple; I go on the Internet and search YouTube for experts on my task. Then after extensive research and listening to many specialists, I decide something.

Because before doing something, it is necessary to know about it. But knowing it from the right person is more important.

Do At Your Own Pace

It is also vital to know one’s pace. Sometimes we see someone doing multitasking or do something rapidly, which seems superhuman to us.

At that moment, two possible thoughts came to one’s mind; one, “I have to become like him and try to improve my skills”, and the second one is “how can he do it that fast and accurately?”, and you get demotivated. Also, sometimes people get jealous or blind with their pride, that they ignore that person’s capability.

In this case, I will suggest you adopt a learning mindset. Getting demotivated or ignore that many exist who are better than us, is also a wrong perspective.

When we do things at our pace, productivity will come eventually come. So we have to know our capabilities and always work on them to improve.

Become Your Critic

We tend to think we are at the centre of this world, and it is normal for a common man to think like that because a common man is watching the world from his own perspective.

But when one becomes wise, he discovers the very fact that everybody is different and they all think like him, that they are the centre of everything.

It is a dangerous outlook we have developed. Because when we become self-centred, we become ignorant. So liberate yourself from this, dangerous state by reading knowledgeable things. And don’t forget to become your critique.


In the end remember, these are just tips and depend upon your implementation. Because without a result, every good plan becomes useless. And yes I am not also saying to follow all of them, but use them as per your need.

Thank you for reading to the end, if you like it, you can share it with the person who needs it.

Have a good life. 🙂

*Blue Zone: Where the average life span is higher than the rest of the world. As of now, there are a total of five blue zones and Okinawa is one of them

Originally published at on October 21, 2020.

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