Famous People Achieve Their Goals Because of The Motivation of Their Parents

Famous People Achieve Their Goals Because of The Motivation of Their Parents

Searching on google question hub for new content ideas, I suddenly saw this line, “Famous People Achieved Their Goal Because of The Motivation of Their Parents.” So is it true or not? I don’t know, but I can certainly tell you what do I think. 

In my opinion, this is half true. Because without your parents you can never get the opportunity to born. Thanks to them, you born as a human and can do things that no other animals can. 

Parents Motivate, Demotivate And Support

Motivation from your parent plays an important role, and getting that helps a lot. But no parents motivate all of their outsprings decisions, especially Indian Parents. When you want to do something that the other seemingly intelligent boys and the society don’t follow, they will not motivate you. Maybe demotivate you, and that demotivation also helps. Because a good parent never stops supporting their children. And if you are passionate enough, you will fulfil your passion by tackling every obstacle. When someone demotivates you, you will bounce back with extra force, not to prove anybody anything, but to prove to yourself that you can do! But without support from your parents, things become more complicated.

Your parents try their best to help you live a good life in the harsh world and protect you from probable misfortunes. If you want to walk in the road less travelled, maybe they first disagree with you, but then provide all the resources because your parents love you more than anyone else. 

So I don’t think motivation from parents can make anyone famous. Surly helps a lot, but it is not a key factor! Although without your parent’s support, it becomes difficult to achieve something. So always respect them from your heart because they are sacrificing many things for your betterment. But I think behind a person’s success, many things play crucial roles. Support is one of the essential elements, and the absence of it makes things more difficult, but not impossible! I think famous people get famous because they have grit, hard work, perseverance and discipline, and that’s why they deserve fame.

And the other important factor in anyone’s success is the right guidance. Guidance always helps to make the path a lot easier. But it doesn’t always come from parents. Maybe it comes from your teacher, maybe your big brother or someone else, someone who is good enough to direct you to a good path. 

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Motivation And Inspiration

Motivation is like a drug that helps us overcome our depressed state, but it is not a permanent solution. You may watch a motivational talk on YouTube and feel a burst of energy. Everything becomes easy for you in thoughts. But everything is easy in our brain. When you get back to reality and try to execute what you have imagined, you face real-world difficulties then everything becomes unmanageable again. 

That’s why we have to become inspired, not motivated. When you are passionate about something, things become possible. Then you don’t need to be constantly motivated. And doing something that you like can make you inspire. 

Watch The Video To Know The Difference Between Motivation And Inspiration 

There is two option for you to find your passion, one find what you love or love what you do. To know what you love, you can use a technique called IKIGAI. It is a Japanese technique which the residents of Okinawa island use. And for your information, Okinawa is a blue zone. In Okinawa, people live a longer life than the rest of the world. How? I don’t know, but certainly, IKIGAI seems to be a factor. 

Inspiration, Motivation, Ikigai are huge topics and needs an article of their own. So we don’t discuss them more profoundly.

But with the above statements, we can say that we need the inspiration to become successful in anything. Your parents can guide you to find your passion. They can motivate you, but inspiration comes from within. 


But as I said earlier, your parents sacrifice a lot, so it’s your responsibility to make them happy, not suffer. They may tell you many things, forbid you from following your passion. But if you know what you are doing, then forgive them because they don’t know what you are doing. They warn you, scold you, because they love you, and want you to become successful. So love them.

These are my thoughts. What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comment section. To get updates about new posts, don’t forget to subscribe to The Buddhijivi’s Newsletter.

Thank You. 🙂

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