Earn Money Without Investment And 14 Ways To Do That!

“Earn Money Without Investment, huh, impossible!”Once maybe, but in this age of technology, definitely possible! How? Then let me elaborate on this a bit. You’ve been on the internet for quite sometimes now. Here many people are working for free and providing valuable information. But did you ever asked this question to yourself, “are these people mad or philanthropist?”. You didn’t even pay them a penny. So why these people are giving their precious time for your betterment? There is a direct answer. It is possible to earn money (literary a fortune) from working on the internet without investment.

As you may have noticed, most of the cyber world is free for consumers. But there are some paid things or services you can buy. In this article, I will tell you both methods; where you can offer something for free. And also sell something for money. 

But before telling you about the ideas, let me clear one thing, I can’t test all of the methods discussed here. So you can take this article more of a researched-based. And I bet many of the other posts on the internet on the same topic are also research-based articles. Now let’s explore the possibilities/opportunities that cyberspace gave us, 

Start A Blog

“Oh, not again! I’ve been reading this for the past 5-10 articles. Is blogging that effective to generate real money?” The answer is yes, and as you may have guessed already, this is one of the favourite methods of many content writers. 

You can earn money without investing a single penny by creating a free blog in Googles own platform blogger. Later upgrade it to a paid hosting and buying a custom domain. It will be a good carrier option if you like writing and wants to be independent. 

There are many ways to earn money from a blog. Some examples are; you can place ads, promote your content, sell products, include sponsored segments etc.

Earn By Offering Free Courses

Yes, you can offer courses for free and then starts to earn money. The idea is quite simple; first, give valuable content, after watching which the viewers will astonish. Then include an ad for your paid course. Don’t neglect it because it doesn’t help you to earn money. But adore it because the free program is giving you valuable data. Yes, you can ask the interested applicants for email or even the What’s App number for giving them access. After getting their data, you can promote the paid course (and many more things like your new YouTube video or blog post) not only in the free one but in their mail or What’s app. 

Remember, the course has to offer brilliant content that they will convince to give their data. And most importantly, never spam. This technique requires skills or having in-depth knowledge in a particular field. If you have them, then surely you can give this method a try.  

Earn From Meesho

There is an app called Meesho. It helps you to resell goods from the app and start earning money. You first have to select a product and then promote it on various social handles. After getting the order, the process is simple. Pick the product from the Meesho application and buy it for your customer. And did I mentioned it? You can earn whatever margin (below the MRP) you like. After the delivery, there will be no trace of Meesho or the actual pricing you are paying for the product on the package the customer will recieve. So cool, Nah?

Earn Money From YouTube

You may have known it already, but YouTube is a great site to start earning some real cash. There is plenty of opportunity from this Google-owned site. 

At first, choose your niche and the name of the channel. Then create a channel for free. After that, put valuable content consistently. Whenever you hit the YouTube Monetization criteria, which is four thousand hours of watch time and a thousand subscribers, you can apply for the YPP (YouTube Partner Program). After they accept the channel, you can earn money from ads showing on the video. 

But this is not the only way. There are sponsorships, affiliate marketing, merchandise selling and many more. 

Earn Money By Writing E-Book

There is a way to earn money from writing, short story collections, poetry, guides, novel or self-help related E-books. Many websites offer their platform to telecast your book to the world. One such site is KDP or Kindle Direct Publishing, which is an Amazone own company. There you can publish your book for free and start earning money. 

But who said you could only publish your book on one platform? There are many of them, and using a tool called draft to digital, you can distribute your e-book on most of them. 

The way of earning is simple, charge for your book, or you can also include links to your blog, courses, youtube videos. There is plenty of space for imagination to sprout. 

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Create A Podcast

A podcast is like modern-day radio. But if you want to know more, then watch the video below. 

Earn Money With Podcast

There are many ways to earn money from a podcast. Like you can include a sponsored segment, sell our your course or products, affiliate marketing. Not only that, it can be an excellent source for traffic to your website or YouTube channel. You can also use your podcast to collect emails. 

But how to start one? 

There are many websites and app that offers you to create a podcast on their platform only. But if you want a free alternative, which can distribute your content, Anchor will be a good choice. Consistent and good content can make your podcast famous. 

Earn With Cryptocurrency

Although it is not without investment, you can buy a cryptocurrency and start earning real cash. Why did I choose this method on this list? Because it is advisable first invest only the money you don’t need and will not be affected if it gets lost. 

See, I am not a financial advisor or a big bull in the stock market to guide you in this matter. But I invested some of my ideal money in the market, and it grew! In future, it might fall, and maybe I get nothing or lose money. But that’s ok! Because that was the money; I spend on mindless goods anyway. After investing it in crypto, now there is a possibility that I may get it to see compounding. That possibility is worth paying. 

Here I also want to warn you. Please dig dip to know as much as possible about cryptocurrency and how to do the market analysis. And don’t mindlessly invest in some random crypto!

If you do want to start, you can use my link – https://wazirx.com/invite/h489p6p6 (This is the same site I’ve been using and quite satisfied. The link is a referral link, so it will help me if you use this link.)

Start Freelancing

If you don’t want to invest money but have a PC, laptop, or even a smartphone, in that case, this method can help you. There are many sites where people post jobs, which you can do as a freelancer. That means you don’t have to work a day to a day job for the person. But just filling his need is enough. Freelancers offer their services for money. 

You can offer any types of service you want, like, writing, app development, proofreading, web development, cover designing, voice artist, and vice versa. 

Ther are many sites, but some of the most famous ones are Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour etc.

Earn Money By Selling Photos

Your friends always want you to take their photos? Do they always complement your photographing skills? Then what about earning some cash? You can now sell images and earn real money. Yes, there are many sites where you can make a handsome amount of wealth by selling good photographs.

Some of the sites are 500px, Getty Images, Shutterstock etc. 

Become A Video Editor

We noticed tremendous growth in YouTube. Now it is many peoples career option. Yes, you may think Google of a hungry data monster, but when that is somewhat true, but nobody can deny how many jobs this company has created over the years. I am not talking about conventional jobs, opportunities created through its platforms, like YouTube. 

You can argue that running a channel on the worlds second-largest search engine doesn’t mean that you are doing a job. It is more of a business ( Read this article to know the difference between Job Vs Business). And I agree with you. But the opportunities which a Big YouTuber can give is tremendous. Over the years, we saw that many small creators now are prominent names. So they can’t handle their work all by themself. That’s why they need a team. And guess what, you can be part of that team. Just search on any job-hunting website or Freelancing site for video editing opportunities. 

Start Teaching

After the Covid 19 Pandemic, the world is leaning a bit towards digitization. And the education sector is excluded. Though it is not a new concept to teach online, many sites provide you with a platform to share what you know. Some of those are YouTube, Udemy, Unacademy, Vedantu, Chegg, Byjuce etc. 

On platforms like Vedantu and Byjuce, you can get a salary. But In YouTube or Udemy, there is no salary system. 

Create An Android App

But I have to be an engineer! 

No, not at all! If you were an art student, then still you can develop an app. At present, we have one of the greatest inventions called the internet at just a fingertip away. Which is fortunately or unfortunately loaded with information. If you find it properly, you can get the resource and learn how to develop an App. When I’m writing this post, Udemy offers an android app development course for Four Fifty Five rupees! “When there is a will, there is a way”.

After learning how to develop an app, you can publish it on Playstore and earn from ads. Although earning opportunities are not limited to ads only, you have to use your creative mind to find more. 

Earn Money By Affiliate Marketing

You can earn a handsome income by selling other’s product or services. There are plenty of affiliate programs running that can make you rich. One of those is Amazon. Yes, where you get your products, the company of Jeff Bezos, you can sell it’s products too! 

You first have to create an affiliate account here. Then select the products you want to sell. You will get a link, and if anyone buys from that link, you will get a small commission. That’s simple. Many sites offer you to become their affiliate partner. Here I found this article can guide you to some of the most famous ones, https://www.techradar.com/in/best/best-affiliate-marketing-programs.

Sell T-Shirts

There some sites that offer you to create your design and sell it. One of the most famous ones is Teespring. They offer you a variety of tools to create great art. You can create your online shop or found a group to sell those designs. If you have a Youtube channel or any good online audience, use Teespring to create merch and sell it to your fans. 


There are many opportunities to earn money without investment, but you have to consider that it is also tough this way. So you have to be persistent and work hard to even making a single penny.  


That’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and if you did, please don’t forget to share it on your social handles. Thank You 🙂

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