Boredom Is Good For You, I’m Serious!

Boredom Is Good For You, I’m Serious!
Boredom Is Good For You

Boredom, the human mind is fighting with this feeling for ages. We engage ourselves in many activities like building new gadgets, kingdoms, nations, rules, ethics, but eventually, it comes. We all have to face a time when there is nothing to do, and our mind craves engagement. The world becomes dull, and a little bit of excitement can make life worth living again. But what activity can we do to counter the age-old feeling and make ourselves happy?

The answer is simple but profound. I think countering boredom is the basis of life. If you know the basic, you can become productive and live a happy life. Everything will become crystal clear, and you’ll see the world from a new point of view. On this webpage, a life-changing lesson is waiting for you. 

What is Boredom?

Google defines it as “feeling weary and impatient because one is unoccupied or lacks interest in one’s current activity.” Here is another definition from collins. It says, “feeling unhappy because something is not interesting or because you have nothing to do.”

Now, ask yourself the above question and after getting the answer, then proceed reading. If your brain defines it as a feeling that comes when there is nothing to do, that is partly true. The real cause for boredom is not always the absence of work. Yes, it is a reason but not the only one. You can also get bore when there are tasks, but none of them appeals to you. 

Why We Get Bored?

The most common reason for getting bored is monotonicity. When things get repetitive, our mind wants to engage in something new. Our mind wants exciting and varied things. That’s why it is tough to stick to a schedule that is not dynamic. 

A lack of trigger can also cause this feeling. Like, if you know something is bound to happen, and that does not give you any reward or punishment, you’ll probably get bored. 

For example, standing in a supermarket or bank line, you know that eventually, you’ll get the goods or your cash, and there is nothing noteworthy about it. But if in that point, a robbery happens to that bank or if you won something because you stood in that supermarket line, that will excite your brain. You’ll get into survival or celebrating mood instantly. 

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We can also feel bored if there is a lack of attention. You may have experienced this many times. When studying an uninteresting subject or doing mundane work, we feel bored, as we are not giving the task our full attention. 

The lacking of a goal can also cause this feeling. When we don’t have a direction and stary aimlessly, our mind wants to find new things every day to engage itself. But because a person lack self-awareness, everything becomes uninteresting, and he rejects all. That’s why it is crucial to find a goal in life because that’s how you engage your brain in something that it likes. 

These are three of the main reason when people get bored. There are other reasons also, but I think you get the point. 

Why Is Boredom Good For You?

Think about it for a moment, what will you do when there is nothing to do, and there is no phone near you? You will probably ask yourself the profound questions of life. These are the questions that can shape your future. But when there is the device we call mobile, we tend to give valuable attention to the social media apps for timepass. 

It is a human trait that we want to connect with the community. But it is good when we do it mindfully and in a controlled manner. Social media has its perks, but we cannot deny that it is addictive. When we open a social media app with the intending of spending ten minutes, but after an hour or so, we notice our mistake. 

I am not saying uninstall those apps right now but requesting you to become a master, not the slave of those sites. And then there are YouTube, games or other apps. You could give an argument that you use YouTube, google podcast or Spotify to educate your mind. If you are doing so, then that is great! But anything excess is harmful. 

Learning from a wise is a wise thing to do because it helps us to grasp something more quickly and efficiently. But using your brain to rethink what you’ve learned and finding a conclusion is also important. Contemplation is necessary to make the knowledge your own. 

Like our body, our mind needs filtration, or it will get confused. When we eat something, our body only takes the necessary things and filter out the unnecessary items. You also have to make time to contemplate what you’ve learned, what you can take, and what to filter out. 

Not only that, when we sit and do nothing, our brain asks philosophical questions like, “what is life?’, “why we are here?’, “what is my goal?” etc. Asking these questions helps shape you as a good human being. These questions aid you to find a purpose in a repetitive life. 

Then there are times when we need not do anything. When we enjoy life, surroundings, people, and that’s when we feel the serenity. When there are no questions, no answers, there is only you.  

Boredom Is The Basis Of Life 

Think of a world where there is no boredom. I know you just skipped the thinking part. Please think. Now, what will happen if you never get tired of what you are doing. The answer is simple we will get stuck. Yes, for every innovation, everything in the world that we humans have created, there is a crucial role of boredom. 

People say necessity is the mother of invention; I would say boredom is the father. Whenever there is war, natural disaster or simple human curiosity, there is boredom to rescue humans.

For example, in the covid19 pandemic, you may argue that necessity drives us to discover the vaccine. It has a crucial role, but as I said, we need a father for a baby. And as you may have guessed, that father is ‘boredom’.  

When humans saw a virus is killing their population, they feel the urge to survive. But if someone doesn’t have the sense of an unstuck situation, why he would ever want to get out of the condition? He will see that people are dying, his loved ones are dying, he may feel pain. But will not do anything because he lacks the sense of getting out of a situation. He knows he is in a critical circumstance. But he never tries to change it because he will never get bored.

Here I have to give the definition one more time. According to google, Bordom is the “feeling weary and impatient because one is unoccupied or lacks interest in one’s current activity.”

Observe the last six words, “lacks interest in one’s current activity.” So if there is no uninterest, if he is ok to see the world getting destroyed, why will humans spend trillions of dollars to get unstuck of the situation?
I know I’m getting a bit too deep, but to explore the basics, going deep is necessary, or your knowledge will be rudimentary. I also admit that boredom is not the only reason humans tried to create the vaccine. Some other feelings like; guilt, sadness, greed, compassion, fear can invoke an urge to change. Mixing with these feelings, we get the human need of ending the corona disaster.

But we cannot deny the importance of boredom in our lives and how it’s changed and shape the world.

More simply – Boredom — Lack Of Interest In Present Situation — Create The Necessity, Curiosity Or Need — Innovation.

In conclusion, I will say, “We are a intelligent being who has the privilege of getting bored.”

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