The Best Pomodoro Timer For Android (Only 1 You Need!)

The Best Pomodoro Timer For Android (Only 1 You Need!)
Best Pomodoro Timer For Android

You may find many Pomodoro timer apps in the play store. But do you know you can use google clock and don’t need to install any other apps? Read this blog post till the end, and find out how. 

You may now be wondering that yes, it is pretty easy, just set the timer. After the first interval ends, set the break, and then after the bread ends, set another interval, right? No wrong! You can arrange all the timers at once. 

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Google clock is one of the most useful and ignored application on our phone. Most people have the clock, but they didn’t use it, maybe because they want a dedicated app for the Pomodoro session. Though it is more helpful for using a dedicated app, and I use Forest and sometimes Engross. But if you don’t want to install another app or your phone has a shortage of storage, then Google Clock is helpful.

Now here is a step by step method to create a Pomodoro timer,

Search Google Clock on Playstore and install it. If You have it already, then you don’t need to follow this step. In Google Play Store, you can see, Google clock has 500M+ downloads, and 375K people gave it a review. It also has a 4.1 rating. This application is small, with just a size of 3.4MB. So it will not affect your mobiles storage in any way. After the installation is complete, open the app.

Install Google Clock
Install Google Clock

Now you have to navigate to the timer tab and click it. You will see this screen. Decide your interval time and how many intervals you will need. Also, don’t forget to pick short breaks of five-ten minutes and a long break of fifteen-twenty minutes (or as you need). In this case, I will choose thirty minutes Intervals, five minutes short breaks, and fifteen minutes long break. 

Set Pomodoros And Breaks
Set Pomodoros And Breaks

There are two methods that you can follow to make Google Clock a perfect Pomodoro Timer. First, you can set three timers; for the Pomodoro, short break and long break. Or you can set eight to sixteen or more timers depending on your need. 

First, you have to set the initial one and then pause it by clicking on the running time. After that, you will see a reset button, click on it and reset the timer. Then navigate to the “Add Timer Button” and then add them as per your need. Don’t forget to pause and then reset each of them after starting.

Reset And Pause The Timers
Rest And Pause The Timers

Now start the first interval. You can also add one minute extra by clicking on the + 1:00 button below the running timer. And also, set labels like “long break” or as you want to name it. 

Add Labels Or Extra Minutes
Add Labels Or Extra Minutes

If you want to follow the first method, then after an interval ends, swipe up to the timer, which you set for the break, and run it. After it ends, swipe down to the interval timer and start it again. Follow the same process as much as you need. Don’t forget to take a break of fifteen to twenty minutes after four Pomodoros have ended (or as per your requirement).

Don't Forget To Take A Long Break
Don’t Forget To Take A Long Break

For the second method, you have to set the timers as per your interval and break requirement. After one interval ends, delete it and move to the break. After it ends, delete the timer and start the next one for Pomodoro. Follow the same method for other ones.

You can follow both of the methods, but in my opinion, the second one is better. Because here tracking how many Pomodoros you are using is easier. 

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Why Did I choose Google Clock?

 I have a Samsung phone, and here the app doesn’t come pre-installed. Many of you may also don’t have it as well. So why I chose this one over other apps? The answer is simple. Because it is free, it is from google, and over 500M people downloaded it.

I use Engross or Forest. But they don’t have as much reach as Google Clock has. I just only needed an application for showing the method, and it is a good app. So these are some reason I chose Google Clock. 

If you don’t want to use Google Clock, but the app came with your phone. Then follow the same method, and you can use the pre-installed clock application as a Pomodoro Timer. 

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