Top 10 Online Education Websites In India

Online Education Websites In India

Online education is streamlining day by day. In India, we are also adopting this innovative way of learning. There are many benefits of online education, but it also has some disadvantages, like, you can’t ask a question if it is a pre-recorded session. If you don’t have stable internet, then it is difficult for you to attend an online class. 

However, these disadvantages are decreasing day by day, and we are becoming more inclined towards the wise use of our smartphones. 

We can now know the happenings of the world at our fingertips. Now we don’t have to pay high fees or travel far distances to learn from the wisest mind. 

We can get all the knowledge just by reading articles and watching videos or lives. 

But some of us don’t know about the sites or apps where we can find resources for our study. 

I decided to change that, and in this article, I will share with you some of the best sites, both free and paid, to get online learning. I mention at the beginning of each site that if it is free or paid. 

So let’s get started!


Price: Free and Paid

If you want to learn from an expert for a low cost, then this is one of the best sites for that. You literary get a professional course for as low as five hundred rupees. I have personally used this site, and it is marvellous! 

There are even some free courses available. You only need to search for the topic and add the term free, and you will get a lot of results. 

There are a wide range of categories to choose from, like, development, business, IT software, design, marketing, photography, health fitness and many more. 

You will get a certificate after completing every course, be it free or paid. 

A great platform to start your online learning journey. 


Price: Free and Paid

It is another excellent platform for online education. 

At Coursera world’s top university, like Yale, Stanford, Duke, University of Michigan, ILLINOIS, offers you premium learning opportunities. 

This site offers paid courses, there also available some free ones, but you will not get any certification for them. If you want a certificate then, either you have to pay for it, or enrol on a paid course.

You can also opt for a degree from the world’s top universities, sitting in your house! (Learn More here)

Coursera offers a wide range of category like udemy. You can learn, coding, different languages, physical science, engineering, social science, computer science, data science, marketing, finance and many more. 

The opportunities are immense, so the price is. But then, the opportunity justifies the price. 

Khan Academy

Price: Free

It is a global classroom for all. 

This online non-profit platform offers you an array of quality videos to help you with the academic studies. 

They provide you resources for, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Computer Programming, Economics, SAT, LSAT tests and many more. 

For India, they have a different section. 

It is a fun, free and interactive way to learn new things with online education. 

You can go to their website, download their app, or even visit their YouTube Channel to get access to the resources. 


Price: Free and Paid

There are 2000+ Courses available at Alison which you can enrol for free!

But there is a catch, Alison doesn’t provide a free certificate for every course. Yes some of them offer it for no cost, but if you want a free certificate, then first check if it is available or not, then opt-in. 

Alison is a marvellous platform with lots of ads. Yes if you are not a premium member, then they will show ads everywhere. 

But then, YouTube also does the same thing, and it is necessary for their survival.

They offer courses for IT, Language, Science, Health, Humanities, Business, Math, Marketing, Lifestyle, Software Development etc. 

I will suggest you try this site if you don’t want to spend money or need a certificate. 

Watch This Video In Hindi – 

Google Grasshopper

Price: Free

It is a free app and website from google, where you can learn JavaScript for free. 

You’ll also get a free certificate and know the basics of JavaScript. 

There you will learn many basics with interactive games. It is a rather fun way to learn code.

Google Grasshopper only teaches you the basics. To become a pro, you have to continue your journey and learn from other intermediate or professional level courses. 


Price: Free and Paid

Skillshare is an online learning community, where you can get experts to teach you classes of many different subjects. It is an online hub for learning. 

Unlike Udemy or Coursera, here you can purchase a monthly subscription and access their all classes. 

SkillShare has a wide variety of good courses starting from, animation, web development, photography, business analytics, productivity, freelancing and many more. 

Apart from premium classes, you can find some free ones too. 

And yes SkillShare doesn’t offer any certification. 

VidIq Academy

Price: Paid

If you want to become a YouTuber, then I have good news for you. The YouTube tool VidIq also offers courses to help you grow your online reach. 

They also have a YouTube channel where you can get a ton of information, but if you want to bring things to the next level, then their courses will help you. 

They have a wide range of YouTube-related classes where you can learn from beginner to pro-level secrets of channel growth.

To access the courses, you have to purchase their premium subscription. 

It is a well-known tool. So if you have money and want to create a YouTube channel, then you can consider investing in this tool. But please see the requirement of the course before purchasing any plan. 

YouTube Academy

Price: Free

VidIq offers some brilliant courses, but you have to pay for them. Is there any platform that offers free online education for YouTubers?

Yes, there is!

Google’s platform YouTube Academy offers you tons of free online education relating to YouTube.

So if you want to grow your channel, you must watch these free knowledgeable videos. I meant what could be better when the platform itself is teaching you how to grow your channel!  

Here some of the top creators and implies themself will teach you the ins and outs of YouTube. 

Take the free courses and become a pro. 


Price: Free

It is an app plus website where you can learn different languages. It is a surprisingly powerful and free app that offers you a fun and interactive way of learning. 

You can learn, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, English, Hindi, Spanish and many more languages with this app. 

The Wall Street Journal, a very reputable website and New York Based news outlet says it the best language learning app

It is worth trying if you are interested in studying a foreign language. 

Facebook Blueprint

Price: Free and Paid

If you run a freelancing site, that’s nice. If you have a Facebook business page, that’s awesome. If you want to run Facebook ads, that’s marvellous!

But how to do it? And is there any certification for learning it?

Yes, there is! 

This Silicon Valley Giant itself certifies people with its services. You can go to the official Facebook BluePrint, and there you can learn about ads, pages, growing business with Facebook and many more. 

The courses here are free, but you have to pay for the exams, and they are not simple. You have to study hard to get certified. 

Although, that is a good thing. 


Because it is hard, your certificate will have much more value. And if you are doing freelancing, then you can show it to your customers.

It is also a good display for your portfolio and LinkedIn profile.  


HubSpot Academy

Price: Free and Paid 

HubSpot is a big name in the industry, and they offer free online courses. 

But before that, if you don’t know about this incredible platform, then first let’s find out, what is HubSpot?

They offer a ton of different services that helps your business to grow. HubSpot offer premium software like, 

Marketing Hub – It helps you with your marketing needs, like SEO, Social Media Management, Ad Tracking And Management etc. 

Service Hub – This software will help you to help your customer and give your services. Some of its excellent features are, Help Desk Ticket Automation, Live Chat, HubSpot CRM, Customer Feedback Survey. 

Sales Hub – It helps you with email tracking, call tracking and recording, sales automation, Account-Based marketing etc. 

So now you may have an idea of what HubSpot is. 

This powerful platform offers you courses for free and gives you free certificates. 

Isn’t it great!

So this was the list. I hope you like it. If you have any questions, then please let me know in the comment section, I will try my best to solve them.  

You can also follow me on my social channels to get frequent updates. 

Thank You. 🙂

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