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20 Best Money Earning Apps In India

In this digital era earning money gets easier than never before. We can access the world sitting on our couch. And if you are an Indian, then there is a lot of more opportunities for you, as you can earn on dollars. 

As India is a developing country and our rupee is not strong enough, the earning we get from the west will become tremendously high valued in our nation. So In this article, I thought to share top 20 Money Earning apps. 

But yes, I also want to clear that; all of these apps will not make you dollars or ultra-rich, most of them are capable of earning your pocket money. Then, there are apps if you use them correctly, they can earn a fortune. 

So this is going to be an exciting article!

Disclaimer: I didn’t use all the apps mentioned here, but did extensive research on every one. So you can believe this article.

But I will write EM (Experienced by Me) after every app that I used personally. 

Please also consider that, many of the information I am stating is researched-based, so there is a slight chance of incorrect info. 


There will be two parts to this post. In the first one, I will share the list of ‘Pocket Money apps. Then in the second section, I will share, ‘Potentially Rich Apps’. 

The pocket money apps are those with which you cannot earn a lot of money, but you certainly earn some spare cash. 

But when I am talking about Potentially Rich apps, that’s mean there is a possibility to make a handsome income from those. 

Now let’s discuss the first one, 

Google Opinion And Rewards (EM)

It is a survey app from google, where you can earn money by answering surveys. 

The surveys are not very frequent, and you can only spend your earnings on play store. 

But the surveys are pretty short and will hardly take one or two minutes. Hindi surveys are also available. 

So if you buy books, music, movies or apps from play store, then this could be a good app for you. I mean it barely takes any space on your phone. So there is hardly any reason not to install it. 

CashKaro (EM)

Cash Karo is a cashback and coupon website, which also have an app. In this app, where you can earn every time you purchase via CashKaro. And they have a wide range of websites to choose from including, Amazon and Flipkart. 

They pay you in two ways, cashback and reward earning. 

It is a great website to earn some extra money while shopping. 

They also run a referral program so, when your referral buys something, you will get a commission. 

The minimum withdrawal for cashback and reward is 250 rupees (at the time I’m writing this post).


If you want to boost your knowledge and earn some money, then this is one of the best apps for you. With this application, anyone can make money by answering simple questions. 

The concept is simple; you have to play live quizzes, each consists of ten questions with three options. If all the answers are correct, you will win Paytm cash. Every player will get 10 seconds to answer questions. 

Their daily prizes get split between the winners. In case there is no winner then the prize money gets added for the next competition. 

Aside from live quizzes, there are also hourly quizzes, where you can win up to twenty thousand rupees. 

Hourly Quizzes have many categories for different needs. If you are a cricket fan, then you can play cricket quizzes. If you are preparing for exams, then you can play, UPSC, 10+2, Bank PO, SSC, Management exam quizzes, etc. 

They also have a referral program. 

It is a fun and educating way to earn money. 

Flipkart (EM)

If you are a regular buyer of Flipkart, then now you can win cashback and discounts. 

Flipkart is running a program called, SuperCoins; where you can get coins after every purchase.   

Then you can use them for getting discounts on some selected sites. When I am writing this article, Flipkart is offering a subscription to YouTube Premium and Gaana Premium exchange of SuperCoins.  

These coins are also be used on some selected products on Flipkart for getting some more discount. 

You can also get SuperCoins for doing recharge from the Flipkart app. 

I used this app, and I can say it is a fun and easy way to earn some discounts.

SBI Rewards

If you are an SBI customer than I have good news. Now you can earn reward points for using SBI services like Internet Banking, Net Banking, Personal Banking, Debit Cards etc. 

You can use these reward points for, recharge, buying a gift voucher, flight booking, movie tickets etc. 

You have to first register to Rewards to get access to these offers and benefits. 

Know More About SBI Rewards – https://rewardz.sbi/content/overview

Now let’s talk about the potentially rich apps,


In OLX you can buy and sell old stuff. 

Now you may ask how one can become rich by selling used goods?

Let me explain, 

You can buy used stuff and repair if there is any damage. Then sell again in the same or different platform. (Facebook has its marketplace, you can sell there!)

OLX is a treasure for you if you can use it properly. 

But yes, never try to cheat someone. Reselling stuff is not bad, but if you sell an old item tagging it as new, then that is unethical. 

So use it correctly, and there is tremendous potential. 

*I will suggest you make some adjustments, don’t sell it as it is. Try to eliminate defects, then some minor or major improvements, like, removing scratches or replace the broken elements. 

Roposo (EM)

It is a short video app where you can earn good side income. 

Yes, you can earn money from Roposo by creating videos. They will pay five thousand coins (equals to five rupees) if your video gets featured in the Roposo Stars Channel. 

You will get one thousand coins when your video get featured on any of the channels. 

Not only that, they will pay you based on the views you get. 

You can withdraw a minimum of five thousand coins to your Paytm wallet. 

I used this app, and they do pay. 

You can also try for sponsorships. I created an account on Roposo for research purpose only, so didn’t go that far. But if you have a good following, you may get some sponsorships. 


Yes that photo-sharing app, you can earn money from Instagram!


Instagram doesn’t offer any monetization program as of now, but you can become an influencer, by posting good content and increasing your following. 

There are three popular ways to earn from Instagram once you gain a good fanbase. Here are the methods,

Affiliate Marketing – You can sell other’s products and earn a small margin from their profit. It is called affiliate marketing. It is a common way to make money, and many bloggers, YouTubers and Instagramers are already making lakhs from this method. 

At first, you have to create an affiliate link, then share it with your followers. If they buy from that link, you will get a commission. But there is a problem; when I am writing this post, Instagram only allows one link in your bio and not in your posts. But they allow links in the stories if you have over ten thousand followers, so can use your IG stories. 

If you don’t have ten thousand followers, then make a landing page. Put that landing page’s link to your bio, and refer your bio’s link where ever you are mentioning about affiliate products.

Become An Influencer – It is not an easy task to become an Influencer you have to have persistence and patience. An Influencer can earn money from sponsorships but don’t post irrelevant photos or videos because you are getting paid. Prioritize your audience first then sponsors. If you have a good following and getting a good engagement, then you may earn in lakhs from sponsored posts. 

Sell Your Products – In affiliate marketing and Influencer marketing, you have to sell other’s products. But if you are a businessman, photographer, a writer or whatever you are doing if you have a product, then you can sell it on Instagram. For example, if you are a photographer, then you can create a portfolio on Instagram, and redirect your followers to your sites, and sell them your premium photos. If you are a writer, then to your landing page. If you are selling jewellery, then you can redirect them your selling page. The opportunities are endless. Our job is to rectify them and use them wisely.

*I have an Instagram account, but for now, it is only for personal use. That’s why I didn’t tag this part as EM. 

Meesho (EM)

With Meesho you can resell products and earn money. There are many kinds of stuff available from many categories, like, shoes, watches, clothes and many more. 

You can sell those products on What’s App and Facebook. And do you know the best part?

You don’t have to invest a penny to get started. 

Just select the products you want to sell, decide your pricing and start selling. 

You can accept payment online or COD. 

YouTube (EM)

People are making millions of dollars from this OTT platform. To become one of them you’ll need, knowledge about something, have persistence and perseverance. 

YouTube is for all. You don’t need any investment other than a smartphone. 

After getting a good response and when you start to earn money, you can upgrade your gears. 

There are many ways to earn money from YouTube, like, 

Affiliate Marketing – Like Instagram, you can also promote other’s products here and earn a commission. 

YouTube Monetization – You can get monetize if you fulfil YouTube’s Monetization criteria. You have to complete one thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of watch time in twelve months. 

After that, you can earn from running ads to your videos. 

Superchat – After getting monetized, you can do live videos and get donations from your viewers. 

Sponsorships – Like Instagram, you can earn by promoting someone’s products, and they will pay you. It is a great way to make money other than ads. 

Sell Your Stuff – You can sell your merchandise, courses and products to your YouTube audience and earn handsome money.

Channel Members – YouTube introduced the join button to help you to make more money. Now you can offer membership to your viewers for a monthly subscription and give then some exclusive stuff. 

To get eligible for this facility, you have to have five thousand subscribers and must qualify for the YouTube Partner Program. 

If you don’t have money and want to do something different or even want to earn pocket money, then YouTube is one of the best options you can take. 

But let me clear one thing, it is not easy! 

Your job is to upload videos and forget about the money, because if you are starting, then it is very likely you will see nothing in the few months. 

Just don’t get demotivated and upload good content. 

Visit My Channel For Book And Knowledgeable videos in Hindi – https://www.youtube.com/flairpoint.

Download You Tube Studio App to get information about your channel.

Anchor (EM)

It is a free podcast creation platform, where you can create your channel, and it will make it available to various platforms like Google Podcast, Spotify, Apple Podcast, overcast, Breker, Pocket Casts, Radio Public etc. 

You can earn money by sponsorships or promoting your products and services. 

A question may arrive at your mind; “What is a podcast?”

If you are wondering, then let’s find out its meaning.

In one sentence, it is a radio replacement of this digital age.

Like the radio, you can hear your favourite channel, but all for free and digitally. 

To start a radio channel one has to face many difficulties. But now, thanks to platforms like Anchor, anyone can create their podcast. 

It becomes famous in America, and now gaining fame in India rapidly. 

You can start your channel today! The only requirement is a mic. If you don’t have one, or don’t want to invest then record with your phone. 

But yes, you have to maintain the quality, as it is essential for your growth. 

Visit My Podcast On Spotify.

Pratitlipi (EM)

Pratilipi is for writers and readers. If you love to write then leverage this platform.

There no direct way to earn money from publishing your work here, but you can win money by participating in the competitions.

I am not referring you to earn only form participating in the competitions, but my plan is different. 

You can use it as a portfolio. When sending a request to a publisher for publishing your book, you can show them your Pratilipi account.

I am not stating that it will make your script get accepted, but the chances will increase; if you have a large amount of follower, and your stories get lots of readers.

It is a great platform to show your talent. 

Amazon Seller

You can sell stuff on Amazon and earn money. 

If you have a GST number, then apply for the amazon seller program. 

But there is a huge competition, and if you want to earn even a single penny, then you have to use your mind. 


First, you have to find what’s unique in your locality, then sell that thing online. 

Like if you live near a local shoe factory, then make a deal with the owner and sell shoes. If you live near a local t-shirt factory, then sell that. Likewise, if you are leaving near the Shantipur of Bengal, then sell Saries. You can get them cheaper and start your online business from local. 

Not Only Amazon, but you can also sell stuff on Flipkart. 

Online business is a risky business, but it has a huge opportunity. 

You also don’t need a physical shop but invest in the items and promotion. 


Here you can get internships, and gain some experience. Though I will say the offers are not very attractive, but if you want to learn something, then it is ok. 

In Internshala you can also get work from home jobs, so I recommend you to try it if you want to learn something. 

Then after gaining experience, you can apply for full fledge jobs. 

Kormo Jobs By Google

It is also a job-hunting app, but the offers here are more attracting. You can find job opportunities near your location and based on your interest and eligibility. The employers are verified here, and the jobs are also not that bad. 

You can certainly try this app. 

Freelancer/ Upwork/Fiverr

These are freelancing sites, and you can get freelancing jobs from here. They all are very trusted, and with them, you may get a ton of opportunities.

But getting opportunities is the tricky part because there is tremendous competition. 

Try freelancing, a great way to earn money, though as other legit ways you have to work hard to become successful. 

You can download their apps and also apply from there. 

Account creating is easy and hassle-free, but the process for applying jobs is a bit different in these three sites. 

Like in Fiverr, you have to create Gigs. When the potential buyers are searching for a freelancer, if they see your Gig and decided to buy it, only then you will get work. 

But in Freelancer and Upwork, the buyers will post jobs, and you have to bid, if the potential customer decided to select your Gig, only then you’ll get the work. 

I don’t know which method is better. It depends on person to person.  

Earn Karo

With this app, you can earn by selling stuff of famous brands. It is like a cross affiliate platform, where you can create affiliate links of products from many selected sites and when someone buys through your link, you get the commission. 

If you don’t want to create a separate affiliate account on different sites, then it is an excellent application for you. 

It is easy, simple, and you can get the money to your bank. 

Earn Karo also runs a referral program, where one can refer people and earn 10% of their profit for a lifetime. 

Groww (EM)

With Groww, you can invest in mutual funds. Mutual funds can help you to make good money by investing money every month, or you can also invest lumpsum amount. 

With mutual funds, you are indirectly investing in the share market. 

But let me clear one thing. 

I also invest in mutual funds, but it is a SIP of five hundred rupees. (Maybe In future I will explore this opportunity with more detail.)

So I don’t have much knowledge about this topic. I recommend you to consult with an expert or do some research, before investing anywhere. 


Twitch is a live streaming platform mostly for gamers. This amazon owned company has grown very fast, and now it is one of the best platforms to do live streams. 

So if you like to play games and do it well, then come to Twitch. Although many YouTubers are running a gaming channel on YouTube, it wholly depends on you which platform you want to choose. 

I am not a gamer and know very little about this topic, but you can watch this video by VidIq for a better understanding, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Knj1_qxSlnk.

How to earn money from Twitch?

There are many ways, 

You can become a Twitch affiliate, offer Subscription, donation, by affiliate marketing, promoting your merch, Twitch partner program and sponsorships. 

You can watch this video for more information, https://youtu.be/-QeNwrVTCy4.

Hindi Video – https://youtu.be/R_x7xA3tiZc.


Yes, you can make money from Facebook, and there are many ways to do that. Let’s explore them one by one. 

Facebook Page – You can sell your products or services through Facebook pages. You can even post videos and earn from advertising revenue like youtube from facebook watch. You can also use the Facebook instant article to monetize your blog.

There are many ways to earn a handsome income from the Facebook page. 

Facebook Marketplace – If you have any products, then you can sell in the Facebook marketplace. 

Buy And Sell Groups – There are also many buy and sell groups, where you can sell your products. 

Freelance Jobs – Many groups offer freelancing jobs. Search for freelance, and you will see a lot of groups. 

It was the list. I hope you like it. If you have any question or suggestion, then please comment below, I will be happy to reply. 

Thank You 🙂

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