12 Tips To Fight With Covid19 From My Personal Experience

12 Tips To Fight With Covid19

It was a good day. The sun was shining, and we were enjoying family time. Although my mother was ill, as we were together, we were happy. Then the lightning felt on that cloud-free day, a message came to my phone and uttered the bad news. My brother, father and mother were covid19 positive.  

In the rapid antigen test, the result was the opposite. But we didn’t have the time to do any speculations and had to act quickly as my mother’s condition was declining. One of my paternal aunts called. She was fortunately in the health department and instructed us to check the SPO2 as quickly as possible. We didn’t have the device, so we had to borrow it from another affected patient. 

That’s when the shock came; her oxygen level was 78! The risk of death was lingering in the door. We were confused and frightened and losing the power of thinking. But then, like a guardian angel, that aunt called and advised me to hospitalize my mother. She was the one who arranged all the things, and I can say my aunt saved my mother. 

After getting into the hospital, her oxygen level comes to normal; and she got discharged in a week. How my mother recovered that fast? Thanks to my aunt, the timing was perfect. 

After these critical days, which could have been a fiasco, my two siblings (we are four siblings) and I tested, and we also were positive. But as we are young, the effect was not as severe as my mother. What about my father? Because of God’s grace in him, he was and is fine. He also got the Covishild vaccine, the two doses, and that may have saved him.

Because of the rumours at first, he didn’t want to take the vaccine. But thanks to my aunt, he took it. She is always there for us. My aunt also tried to convince my mother to take the vaccine, but my mother didn’t. 

Now we are ok. When I’m writing this article, we all have completed the seventeen days of isolation, its been over a month. There are some side effects of covid19 (like my knee was hurting like hell, and I felt weak), but our guardian angel still helping us, and the ailments are curing. So I thought to use the internet and share my experience. This article is the first step, and I will also publish a YouTube video on the same topic. My goal is to help people by sharing the experience.

Now, it is time to share the lessons I learned from covid19, and I believe these lessons can help you a lot, maybe save you from death. 

Take The Vaccine

“Prevention is better than cure.”

It is a true proverb that is transcendent time. If covid19 vaccination is available in the city, town or village you live in or near you, take it as soon as possible. I don’t know about the side effect, but certainly, I believe the vaccine was my father’s saviour. 

Because he took the two doses, he didn’t even suffer from a mild fever! Yes, I have to admit that my father has strong immunity, but it didn’t even felt that he had corona. During the absence of my mother, he did all the home chores tirelessly. Yes, I cooked the food, and our aunt also gave us some from her home. But his ability to work is nothing but applaudable. 

In my experience, taking the vaccine will help. You may feel feverish and tired after the day you took it, but the fever is not constant.

Don’t Dealy In Testing

If you got the symptoms, then don’t take the risk and have a covid19 test in your nearest testing centre. I didn’t follow this tip and suffered because of this dumbness. My father, mother, and brother tested, and they were positive. I was reluctant and a little bit scared, so I rejected going to the hospital. But after approx three days later with my other two siblings, we went to the hospital and had the test and got positive. After getting the news, we immediately started to take medicine. 

If you don’t get covid19, it is a good thing. But if you do get covid19, then proper treatment is necessary. 

Not only that, but you also have to consider one more thing; I know someone who had good intentions and went to the hospital for testing. But forget to take precautions. That person was negative at that time. Yet after some days, he got covid symptoms. And he tested himself for another time, and now the result was positive. So the moral of the story is; always take precaution when you are going for a covid19 test. 

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Hospitalize If Someone Is Ill Because Of Covid19

The most important yet ignored part of a bad situation is care. If you want to get out of a problem, don’t focus on that problem but rather focus on the possible solution. Most people get frightened or tense, lose their nerve and starts a blame game or crying.  

But in a situation where every minute is necessary, you cannot afford hours. You have to take decisions and fast. If the condition of a covid patient is getting worse, don’t leave him in the home and pray for a miracle. God will never help you if you don’t want to help yourself. So the best option will be to contact the nearest medical staff or doctor and ask him/her for direction. 

If admitting to a hospital or nursing home is necessary, act quickly and start the admission procedure. Don’t get shy and ask for help from your friends and relatives.  

Have An Oximeter

A fitness watch, or a dedicated Oximeter, whichever you want to buy, is ok. But at least buy one if there are covid symptoms in your or any of your family member’s body. 

I remember, lacking this device caused so much trouble. At the time of need, these little things can help a lot. We had to borrow it from another covid patient to check my mother’s oxygen level. 

So don’t think about the money, and if possible, buy an oximeter as early as you can. 

There are two options; a watch or a dedicated device. Which one to chose? An oximeter will cost you around 1500-2000 rupees. There are cheap ones, but I will not suggest you buy those. A fitness watch with this functionality will cost you approximately three thousand rupees.

I don’t have a fitness watch, so I cannot tell you about there effectiveness. However, if it is from a reputable brand, then I think it should work fine. 

There are also many frauds, and I am a sufferer. The generic oximeter which we had bought in a hurry, costs us rupees two thousand. Yet as we purchased it in a rush, in another store, that same oximeter has a price tag of nine hundred rupees. 

That’s why try to buy it as early as the symptoms appear. 

Don’t Believe In What’s App Messages.

Although I didn’t experience any hassle from this blunder as I knew about fraud messages from the news. However, many people believe in these types of false information and spray fake news. So I thought to aware you. 

Believe in something when it from a reputable news outlet or Youtube channel. And if you can, then never gather your news from one source. It will not only help you to know it in more detail but also somewhat unbiasedly. You can follow PIB and PIB fact checks in Koo App to get the covid news. 

I use Google News, where many big outlets are publishers. You can also follow Twitter or Koo handles of the news sites. 

But never believe in random what’s app forwards!

Be Sure To Get Educated

Fear can make an intelligent human take wrong decisions. But do you know what kills this evil? It is the light of education. When you comprehend covid19 in more detail from credible sources, everything will become more transparent and less frightening.  

But that credible source must not be a YouTuber or blogger who doesn’t have any experience with covid or not showing you reliable sources. In this case, as I got covid, that’s why you can trust me. Although, that’s upon you. 

How to identify if someone is spreading misinformation? It is simple, see if he is advising something different than what doctors and experts are preferring. For example, if he tells you not to take the vaccine and give you some illogical reasoning supporting his claims, then that man is playing with your life. 

Then what some good possible sources? There are many; YouTubers who are doctors, medical professionals or who got corona. If it is possible, contact your nearest hospital or nursing home to get covid advice. You can also check these pages for credible information;  WHO,  MOHFWAYUSH.

Although, for people like me, who are sharing advice based on their experience, always crosscheck by yourself if we are saying something wrong or not. I have no degree in any medical field or specialized in covid19. All you are reading is a purely personal experience of one month. 

If you want to watch news channels, then you can. But I don’t prefer them as much as doctors and good health blogs like Healthline

Eat Healthily

Doctors and our well-wishers will always advise us to eat healthily and to stay miles away from junk food, especially in the time of corona.

Try to eat fruit and vegetable with high protein and fibre. Although to maintain a good lifestyle, these are necessary things to include in your diet, but in this situation, they become crucial. 

If you got covid19, you have to make your body healthy again. That’s why your body needs protein. I am taking protein powder after getting Covid. However, it is upon you to include this supplement or not. I would suggest you consult with your doctor about this matter. 

Agonizing Side Effect

I don’t have a clear idea if it is for the medicine or covid, but my blood CRP level increased. My mother got an eye problem, and when she was in the hospital, her sugar was above four-fifty! My brother and sister lost smelling and testing capabilities. Although, things are going back to normal. 

I am taking pills, and the inflammation caused by increasing CRP, which was ninety, and now the pain is not there. If you face the same problem, then see a doctor immediately. 

You can also take an online consultation if there is no offline doctor available. Watch this video for more information, 

Things We Bought

After getting covid, there are certain things that we bought. I think sharing our list may help you. 

The first was an oximeter. It is a helpful tool to check your blood oxygen level and heart rate. 

The second was a flux by Milton. Drinking lukewarm water is helpful during corona, so this device helped a lot. It is also remedial to gurgle with warm water. 

A blood glucose meter. As my mother got high sugar, which was moderate before corona, and my father also has diabetes, we decided to buy a blood glucose meter. 

We also bought five hundred millilitres of hand sanitizer, a surface disinfectant and fifty surgical musks. 

Take Rest

Taking rest is essential because your body needs time to heal. If you were on a strict exercise routine, then, in my opinion, discontinue it for a while. I was actually on an intense training schedule, but after getting corona, my strength is gone. But I know it will come back and will wait for some time before starting physical exercises again. Meanwhile, a little bit of meditation and breathing exercise is helping me a lot. But please take it as an opinion. I am only sharing what I am doing, not any medical advice. 

An App That Helped A Lot

This app helped me a lot and always reminded me to take the necessary pills. I used an app called medication reminder. You can choose this one or any of the options you get. But taking your medicines is crucial to overcome the ailment, so skipping your pills or forgetting them is not a good choice. 

After Covid

Even after you recover from the disease, some people may discriminate against you. I faced this issue, and it is possible you also encounter some people who will hurriedly go away when you are around. My best advice to tackle this; ignore them and be with your true friends. Friends and family members who helped you in that dire situation. Try to repay them. 

Once you ignore the people who perform racism because you got covid, you will notice a time will come; when those people will need your help and come to you for asking about your health.

So this was it. I hope the article helped the needy people. If you still have any questions lingering in your head, please ask them in the comment section. I will try my best to answer. 

Thank You 🙂

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