12 Things To Do When You Feel Bored

12 Things To Do When You Feel Bored

It happens to all of us when we finish all our work and spare time arises. Even a lazy person will feel bored in these moments of emptiness, let alone the hard workers. Most people use their phone or tv to pass the time and wait for another task to come. 

And many of them use their smartphone, for not so clever things, like chatting with friends, liking photos, or sharing status. These are ok for a quick mind relive to use social media, but when you use your mobile for every past time, that is not good.

We can book some of our past time for productivity and personal growth. Though, I’m not advising you that you should never entertain yourself and do work or improvement all the time. It will make you a freak and disconnected from the world. Socialization and enjoying boredom has its perks. But book some of your past time for the self-growth that will make you a better human. 

I talked about boredom, why it is good for you and how it is the basis of life, an article you should check out. But today, I will tell you five things you can do in your extra time or when you are feeling bored.

Spend Some Time With Your Family and Friends

Do you remember those faces? Of your brother, sister, parents, friends or if married, your wife’s or children’s. In this world where digital becomes a new trend, many people forget the value of the physical self. Video calling a friend when he is thousands of kilometres away is the boon digitization gave us. But that becomes a curse when another friend is sitting beside us and craving our attention.

Our work binds us, and we forget to take some time for ourselves, for our family. We are like charity, giving attention to everybody, except the closest ones. 

So if there is some leisure time, use it to create those precious moments with our family and friends. 

Read A Book

Reading a book is the best thing you can do when there is nothing to do. I highly suggest you carry a book when you are going to the doctor or standing in line. You can also read a book in your past-time when you’ve done the home chores, business or office work. Take a cup of tea and enjoy your favourite novel. 

Reading is one of the best things to do because, in this way, you are not only able to avoid boredom but also strengthening your mind, building vocabulary and reducing stress. 

Check out this article from Healthline to know the benefits of reading books. 

There are three ways to read a book. The first one is to take a physical one from the shelf and start exploring it. The second option is to buy a digital version of the book. You can buy an amazon kindle and purchase a kindle unlimited subscription to access thousands of great reads. Prime members also get some free e-books. 

You can also purchase an Audible subscription if you want to listen to an audiobook. Storytel is another brilliant alternative and follows a different subscription system than audible. 

Start A Course

Learning things in times of boredom is the most productive thing you can do. There are hundreds of affordable quality course available in Udemy. If you don’t need a certificate, then go for YouTube or Skillshare. 

There are other sites like Linkedin learning, Coursera and Alison. Read this article on Top 10 Online Education Websites In India to know more. You can either invest money in them or start learning from YouTube. 

This Google-owned site is a mine of knowledge. You have to find fitly, and there is information worth of million dollars. There are two choices, either you can go for what I call an information hunt* or a dedicated course. 

What skills to learn? Watch the video for more information, 

*Information Hunt – When someone starts by watching a beginner level video from a random or known channel. Then proceed by finding the answers to the questions that arise in his mind when he was watching those videos. He repeats the same thing again and again.

It is a good technique as you have freedom, but it also consumes more time. In my opinion, the first one, which is opting for a specific program, is the better choice. You can also know about a particular thing that interests you if the course does not provide adequate information about that thing. In this way, you are using both of the techniques simultaneously. 

For example, let’s assume I am watching a course on Graphics designing. Now there the instructor briefly discussed the career and opportunities of a graphic designer, and I want to learn more. Then I can search on the internet, in this case, let’s say YouTube, for that information. In this way, I am not relying on a course but doing active learning. 

But I highly suggest you use this method after finishing the course, and when rewatching or it may overwhelm you. I also suggest you keep notes when learning. 

Create A Wishlist When You Feel Bored

Create an Amazon (Or any other eCommerce site) wishlist based on your liking. A material list will motivate you to achieve your goals. However, don’t cling yourself too deep with those material objects. Once in a while, when you feel demotivated, open Amazon, Flipkart, or the e-commerce site where you’ve created the list and see the things you want to buy. 

Doing this will give you a reason, and that reason will motivate you to work hard. But if you make those material things your only goal, then that is not the wise thing to do. That’s why I also prefer to have a dream list. 

Here jot down the things you want to achieve. Not only your business or career goals but also the spiritual ones. I sometimes wonder why everybody talks about how much you want to earn, but nobody ever advises you to have a donation goal. After reading this article, create a donation goal. 

So have two lists, one for the things you want to buy and the other things you want to achieve. 

Learn An New Language

Learning is a great experience, and when it is something unfamiliar that become more extraordinary. I know three languages, Hindi, Bengali and English. If you are not a native English speaker, and you can read this article. Then I’m guessing that you also know two or three languages.

But what about starting a new endeavour. What about knowing a language that is greek to you?

There is an app called Duolingo, which is one of the best programs for learning languages. They do have a premium plan, but the free one is also powerful. 

Although, it is not a rule that you have to learn something new. You can also make your English strong from Duolingo or apps like Cake, British Council, Cambly etc. There are also great podcasts where you can listen to excellent episodes on the English language in your free time to build vocabulary. One that I listen to is Speak Better English with Harry. 

Talk To Strangers And End Boredom

Want to talk to strangers but also use the time for something productive? Then try out apps like, Hello talk, Hallo and chat with people in English. But if chatting is not your thing, you want to call a stranger and converse with him in English. There is an app for that! Try out, Speak English Online.  

Start Writing

Writing is a good habit that can change your life. I started this blog not only to help others but also to change myself. We perceive the world every day with a bland look, merely using our analysis power. Through writing, it is possible to discover new ideas, exploring new dimensions within ourselves. That innate capacity present in every human. But it nurtures when we take time to think and express ourselves. 

You can try many things, like keeping a journal, diary, or starting a blog like me. But your goal should be clear; you are writing to explore the depth of your thinking. Our brain is lazy. So we have to find answers by asking the brain the same questions over and over again. It may give you the answer, but to understand it more deeply, jotting it down is the best method to follow. Because then it will be more clear to you.

Not only that, if you want to start a blog like me, then posting your views on the internet can make you money! However, if you are a shy person and don’t want to share your thoughts with the world, try journaling. There are many free and paid apps, but a physical notebook can also help. 

Do Meditation/Breathing Practice

Doing meditation is one of the best things that you can do in boredom. Sit down in a chair, ground or lie down in a bed, concentrate on breathing, and forget all the worldly problems. Explore the world that is inside of you. 

There are many apps in the play store for meditation, but one of my favourites is Insight Timer. Although it has a paid version, the free one is powerful enough to fulfil your need.

You can also do the breathing exercise. There is a magnificent app for that also. Breathly is a free application that will guide you to perform breathing exercises like, Pranayama, Ujjayi etc.

Listen To A Podcast

There are lakhs of videos available on YouTube in all genre. But there are some moments when we don’t want to watch anything. Then podcast is a brilliant option. You can call it a modern version of radio. There are many shows available to make your brain wonder about the different techniques to make life easier. 

You can learn new languages from shows from Duolingo, questions, answers, science facts, listen to the epics, books like the Gita. It is a marvellous platform that you should try once and will become a daily user. 

Where can you listen to podcasts? There are many options, like Spotify, Itunes, Google Podcasts, Jio Savaan, Kuku FM, Ganna, Pocket Fm, anchor etc. You can download any of them and start your journey. 

Here are five suggestions to start your journey, 

  1. The Stories of Mahabharata
  2. The Mindset Mentor
  3. Speak Better English with Harry
  4. TED Talks Daily
  5. Life Kit

You can also subscribe to my podcast for life-changing episodes.

Pick Up a New Hobby And Counter Boredom

Yes, you heard me right. “But Sudip hobbies are useless and are not productive!”. That is not true. 

Humanity is racing for money want it more, yet forget to enjoy the small moments, good things life has offered. 

Wealth is necessary to survive, but that not mean that you have to forget yourself. Ask this question, why I’m acquiring assets? If the answer is to feed my family or buy that new car, you should stop for a while and reevaluate your life. 

Nowadays, people think for others more than themselves. Yes, the family has a significant role in our life, but no one will go to your deathbed, even your spouse! I’m not asking you to be a selfish man who thinks for no one but himself but requests you to take time and at least enjoy your life.

People are busy all the time, and when they get some free time, they use that for social media to connect with the world. But disconnecting is also essential. Spend time with your family give your valuable attention to those entertainment, inspirational, motivational, informative videos, articles or news. But also spend some time with yourself.  

So if you like something and do not want to make it a profession, learn that thing in your leisure time, make it a habit.

Although you may call me a hypocrite, my hobby is writing and reading, and I’m monetizing it. So my thinking is this; if you can make money with your passion, don’t be arrogant, and embrace that opportunity. However, remembering that it is your hobby and money is just an outgrowth is essential.  

Organize Your Table/Bookshelf

See your work desk, and if you are like me, then it is not tidy. Yes, I’m admitting I’m not that clean. (Hey, there is no shame to show what you are, then telling lies.) It is not a good thing though, I should clean my desk, and my sister did it for me most of the time. But if you don’t have a sweet sister like me, and faces the same issue, then use your free time to clean your desk. 

However, don’t limit yourself to that corner only. If you like books and if you have a bookshelf, then also think about organizing it. Or the house, arrange it. Doing this will give you a fresh look and a holistic environment. 

Array Your Phone/Computer

You’ve arranged your house but what about the device you carry all the time. We install many apps, uninstall them, reinstall them. Click photos, many of which are unnecessary. In short, our phone fills with clutter. Invest some time in making your disarrayed smart device a bit arranged.

If you use a Samsung device like me, create different folders, categorize them, and arrange the apps accordingly. 

For example, I have a folder name communication, where I put all my apps related to communication, like the messaging app, Whats app, Duo, Outlook. 

Following this advice will help to use your smartphone more smartly. My desk is not clear, but I can proudly say, my all-time buddy, is tidy. 

So, this was the article. I hope it helped you. If it is, don’t forget to share this post with your friends, family members, or anybody in need. You can subscribe to my newsletter to get an update whenever I publish a new article. 

Thank You 🙂

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