10 Tips To Wake Up Early In The Morning (With A Secret Trick)

10 Tips to Wake Up Early In The Morning

Disclaimer: “I am no doctor and this tips to wake up early in the morning, is from my own personal experience. So please take it as an advice and if you are struggling it for a long time, consider seeing a professional.”

We know there are many benefits to wake up early in the morning. Our mind is fresh, our body is full of energy, and nature is favourable. The singing birds, the cool weather and the quiet roads are some of the things you can see in the morning only.

But the problem is, every time we determine that it will be the day we will start the good habit of waking up early, the plan fails. Our mind determines in the night, and we feel a sense of excitement. But after the alarm clock hits, it wants to sleep more. It tells us to start tomorrow and that tomorrow never comes. 

Then What is the solution to convince our mind that it helps us to get over sleepiness? Read this article till the end, and you’ll know the answer. Here I will also tell you about a secret, which will work like magic. 

Why Can’t We Wake Up Early?

Before telling you the tips, first, let’s try to understand the reason; why we can’t wake up early? Though it is not research conducted by a very reputable firm, it is my experience, and I am sure you can relate to it. Before knowing the secret, I used to set up the alarm in the night. Then in the morning, I turned it off without getting out of my bed. 

There are many apps which not let you stop your alarm clock until you solve a puzzle. It helps you to get alert. But the problem is, we tend to uninstall them after a while, or on the first day. As it disturbs our ‘good morning sleep’. I am not saying it is not a helpful method; actually, it is. But before knowing the secret, these apps are indeed useless. 

Not only your alarm clock. But all the tips I am going to share with you are useless if you don’t know the secret and implement it. However, below are the ten tips that will help you to wake up in the morning. 

10 Tips To Wake Up Early In The Morning

To Wake Up Early Sleep Early

It is common sense that to wake up early – you have to sleep early. But most of the time for our work schedule it is not possible. That’s why I will suggest you plan your day and try to reduce the work in the night time. You don’t have to it by leaps and bounce. Do it slowly, and increase the sleep time. 

It is normal if you sleep at midnight and want to wake up at five o’clock (that’s too hard for any normal person), you will become unsuccessful. So your first job will be to ensure to increase the sleep time and sleep early. 

Don’t Use Your Mobile.

Most people do this thing, but I will suggest you not to use your mobile. ‘After a tiresome day, we don’t check our Instagram status or watch some funny videos on YouTube to freshen our mood. It is not possible.’ If your answer is this, then at least use a blue light filter. You can install apps like twilight or blue light filter. 

I use a Samsung phone; to be specific, its model number is A50s. There is a feature called Wind Down Mode. After activating it, my phone screen turns black and white, which helps to retain sleep. But if you can, don’t use your phone.

Read A Book In The Night

If you are a night owl for no reason, if it is hard to sleep at 10 pm, then grab a book. Using mobile can decrease your sleep, and using a book can increase it. If you don’t want to use your phone or a physical dictionary to find the meaning of new words, then buy a Kindle. I have a Kindle, so believe me, it is a good investment. 

Use A Physical Alarm Clock 

If you don’t want to see the first thing in the morning is your phone, then buy a physical alarm clock. Some people may face this issue if they are addicted to smartphones; if they check it to turn off the alarm clock, then the smartphone hooks them. 

After using a classic alarm clock your mind cannot convince you that you are sleeping with your mobile phone because of the alarm clock. And the other benefit is; you can put it anywhere. I mean, you cannot put your mobile device above an almirah! A classic alarm clock is cheap and more durable than a smartphone. So you can put it anywhere. 

Don’t Put Your Alarm Clock Near Your Hands. 

Follow this advice, and it can help you a lot. When your alarm is near you, you tap the snooze button, and boom, it goes off. But if it is out of your reach, and you have to walk to get it, then there is still a chance that you’ll wake up. But this trick may not work if you don’t know the secret. 

Practice To Wake Up Early

After following the tricks above, you may wake up in the early morning. Congratulations on that! But what about the next day? You have to continue it, and without practice, it will become difficult to become an early riser. But how to bring that motivation to practice every day? You have to read this article through the end because if you want to continue and earn the attribute of becoming an early riser, you have the know the secret. 

Sleep Somewhere Else

This trick works for me to wake up early in the morning. Whenever I sleep somewhere else rather than in my bed, the alienation wakes me up early in the morning. I noticed when I spend a night in my cousin’s house, it happens. Now, this is a personal experience and may not happen to you. But if it happens to you, then congratulations! Because this could be an opportunity to make your sleep cycle back on track. 

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Fill Your Room With Light And Wake Up Early

Sunlight, yes, it could be a gamechanger in your struggle of waking up early. But I can understand if your ben is in a position that there is no possibility of entering the sunlight. But if there is a possibility to make changes and make the Sun god wakes you up with his strong but gentle light, then do it. 

Don’t Sleep During The Day.

Don’t get me wrong, I am suggesting you not to sleep during the daylight is present, but not abstaining you from taking a nap. There is a subtle difference between sleep and nap. I googled it, and it showed me this answer,

Sleep – “a condition of body and mind that typically recurs for several hours every night, in which the nervous system is relatively inactive, the eyes closed, the postural muscles relaxed, and consciousness practically suspended.”

Nap – “sleep lightly or briefly, especially during the day.”

So there is a clear difference. Now when you are napping, it means you are not taking rest any longer than twenty minutes. Why twenty minutes? Because after this time frame, you may enter into a deep sleep, and it can cause sleep inertia. So take naps, preferably power naps, not sleep. Because sleep is reserve for the night!

Treat Yourself

As I said in the disclaimer, I am no doctor. If you are struggling to get a good night sleep and no trick on the internet is helping you. Then you maybe have a sleep disorder. In that case, seeing a professional will be the best and right choice. Don’t just flip through articles and see a doctor. Because sleep is necessary, and to wake up early, you need to get into bed early. 

The Secret

To become successful in anything, you need a reason, a why. In this case, you also need a why. Motivation will not stay longer, but inspiration does. And to get inspired, you need that why. So found it. Because without reason, your motivation will soon fade away, and after some days, you will get to your old routine again. 

This advice might seem to you repetitive. But believe me, it is the best advice I can give you. Find a strong why to wake up in the morning, believe in that ‘why’, and yourself that you can do it. Soon magic will happen. 

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Thank You 🙂

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